Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wonderful Winter

Instead of a recap of our past--busy-- week, I thought I would blog about my progress with the weather. As you may remember I vowed to not grumble about the weather this year, and Mother Nature has put me to the test! I have been told (I refuse to look at these days so all temperatures are hearsay) that our temps reached -48 yesterday. Thats chilly! But chilly enough for me to complain? NO SIR! Look outside, it's beautiful! The sun is shining, the snow looks gorgeous on the trees, and the sky is a fantastic blue! I noticed this yesterday, and now we are on day 2 so I couldn't resist blogging about it.

---All I can picture when I look at this scene is me and Brian in our old age sitting in that chair. (when it is slightly warmer than -48 outside) I will NEVER get rid of it now!---

We had a wonderful few days of fluffy, puffy, light, flakes falling, which resulted in a soft blanket of snow all over. When I look out the windows, I see this wonderful fluff everywhere and I am thrilled to be in MN. I have set the thermostat to warm up to a balmy 68 in the morning before I get out of bed, so I don't have the chilly nose syndrome this year, and I am grateful for that.

Benjamin is in ski club (he snowboards) this year, it may be a little too cold to go this week, and that would be a bummer, but will it make me grumble and mumble? Heck no!

I am really and truly loving this weather! I am going to make it through these next 2 months of chilly temperatures, and in no time it will be Spring! In which I will continue this trend of not complaining of the weather. Muddy roads? Soggy shoes? Dirty truck EVERYday, even after a wash? These will not be enough for me to not bask in the wonderful sights and smells of spring. I have visions of the crocuses poking their way out of my garden and greeting me when I pull into the driveway. Ahhh....I will just think of those, while these temperatures stay so low. Need a reminder? Here they are!

I hear it should be 13 for the weekend! Heat wave!!

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