Saturday, August 8, 2009


**Once again, I am forewarning you of a long post with lots-o-pictures is ahead**

While my adorable husband claims some zzz's before his 6am shift tomorrow, I thought I would reflect on our crazy unpredictable day!

Today started with a family reunion in Lake City. Honestly, B and I went to this reunion with some trepidation. We hadn't been able to go to this one for a couple years (last year my grampa passed away on the morning of) so we were a little apprehensive having not seen many of this family in a few years, but wow! It was so fun! I took so many pictures because there really was so much going on! Egg toss, pinata, balloon breaking, 3legged races, egg race on spoons, henna tattoos, bean bags, swimming, eating, talking, football, volleyball, wow! Thank you to the Gosse girls for organizing, and maintaining such a fun reunion for both the kids and adults! We can't wait for next year!!
We all participated in the egg toss, so no photos of that...good times tho!

It was a perfect afternoon for the beach!

Christian really wanted B to be his partner for the 3 legged race...

And they won!!

This is just before Uncle Rich yanked the pinata up into the air for a big ol' swing and a miss for Christian!

If you click on the photo, you'll see that Christian has his tongue sticking out while he is watching poor Scooby's head dangle there...I wish I could read his mind--Oh wait, I bet he is thinking "mmmm, can-day, gottagetmesome can-day" Or you know, something like that.

Snuggled between gramma and papa

From the reunion, B and I left the boys with Gramma and Papa so that we could head to the cities for Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA! I won the tickets a few weeks ago from a local radio station. In fact this is how it happened;

I was getting ready in the bathroom, the dj announced that caller 5 would win tickets to KOOZA. I had never heard of it, but hey, free tickets are always good right? I casually looked for my phone--had to venture to the bedroom, all the while thinking "it must be too late now, there is no way I'll win." When I finally found my phone, I hesitated because I couldn't remember the number so I guessed. When the dj answered the phone and said I was caller 5 my reaction was "SHUT UP!!" Yes, that was recorded and later played for the listeners! I couldn't believe that after casually looking for my phone and halfheartedly dialing the number, that I won tickets to something I had never heard of before!

MEANWHILE---Brian is at work frantically dialing and redialing (having to dial 9 first because he was in the Mayo pharmacy) only to continue getting a busy signal. After awhile, his work phone began ringing, frustrated he gives up trying to win tickets and answers his phone--only to have it be me telling him that I won tickets! He was stunned. And beside himself with excitement! Since then he has been giddy about going, so much so that when today came I think he was walking on air!

In a tent!! Like the big top! In a tent!! So so cool!

It started out as a fantastic show. The contortionists are crazy bendy, the characters are hilarious, the choreography is outstanding, things were moving along AMAZINGLY. B and I were having such a wonderful time together, laughing. It has been awhile since we have been to something like this (I think the last was BlueMan group in Chicago-7 years ago!!) So we were definitely in need. And then an hour into the happened. Tornado warnings. We could hear the sirens from inside the massive tent. They told us to wait patiently in our seats. Then they told us to wait in the concession area, once there they directed us across the street to the parking garage where we waited and waited.


Just doin' his the rain; tornado warning rain!

45 minutes later, it was cancelled. Oh.No. By these people. I knew they were deciding our fate when I took this picture...I just wish it had been a different fate.

It was like the wind was taken right out of his sail. Brian was so excited about this night, I am big time bummed that he missed the 2nd half of the show. They offered to exchange our tickets to one of the Sunday performances, but we just don't know how to make that work with the other plans we have for it looks like we will just have to miss out. And he is bummed. So I am bummed. While the second half of the show would likely have been better than the first half, and I wish we would be able to see it, nothing can take away from the fantastic day spent with my husband.

The reunion was beautiful. The boys had a blast, and even walked away with some fun prizes. The drive to the cities was full of conversation, and bonding, and beauty. The time inside the tent with Brian was priceless. I was in tears from laughing at the show and I thoroughly loved spending every minute of today with him. Even waiting in the rain.

So--while the ending was not ideal, I give thanks for this day. I give thanks for my husband, and that we were able to share at least part of the show (and for free no less) and that the boys were able to spend some time with gramma and papa. I give thanks for the distraction from packing and the impending move.

Speaking of...this is why I read the paper online. We just started getting the Tuesday and Saturday paper so I could use the coupons...and this is what happens when you combine 2 papers, 6 magazines, the need to wrap breakables, and a preoccupied with packing mama....AHHH!!


Life Is Beautiful said...

Sorry the evening didn't turn out how you planned but it sounds like you made the best of it! I'm glad you've had a distraction from the move and were able to spend time with family. Looks like fun!

Jolene said...

I got tears in my eyes when I read they cancelled it! It sounds like the perfect day! You and your hubby inspire me to set up a date with my hubby very soon!

Sorry it didn't turn out like you'd hoped, but what great memories!