Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Curlin' up...

7 days and we can get in the garage to move some of our things. 9 days and it will be ours! Oh.My.Goodness.

We met a few of our neighbors this weekend. Some have boys. We have boys. It is great!

We went for a walk in our new neighborhood last night. We took the path that Benjamin may take to football practice. It is a pretty steep hill--on the way home! After practice walking up that hill will be a chore for him, especially with all of his equipment on...but I think Benjamin would do just about anything to play football, so he doesn't seem fazed by a steep hill.

I forgot my camera again, maybe we will go back again tonight.

Do you ever have days where the boys get along TOO well? So well that you want to pull your hair out? Yea, that is where we are right now. Too wild. Too much.

We are low on boxes. I need to get more. I have had a headache since I opened my eyes this am. This is a day that I would love to just curl up and ignore the boxes, and the rough housing boys, and the upcoming expenses, and the ringing phones.

But I won't. Because we are moving. In 7 days. To this house!

Traditional w/o being outdated. Updated w/o being trendy. Established neighborhood. Mature trees. Tree house in backyard. 2 nearby wooded areas for exploring. Perfect location. Quiet street. Best school district. Excellent size.

It is exactly what we wanted.

What headache?


Life Is Beautiful said...

Your house is awesome! I'll pray that all goes well the next few days. It sounds like it will be a fabulous place to call home.

Bethany said...

Such a nice house! I'll be praying that everything goes well with moving :)