Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Laws

I love my mother in law. Completely. There is a stigma attached to MILs, and I know that in some cases it is for good reason. And then I think in some cases people go into a marriage, or relationship thinking that they aren't "supposed" to get along with their MIL so they look for reasons to not like her. I could probably do that with mine, but why would I? She loves the boys as much as any grandmother could. She is generous and funny, and hard working and sincere. She doesn't beat around the bush, she tells you what is on her mind, and I love that about her. She is down to earth and natural...She makes the yummiest german potatoes, she always has cocoa wheats, she washes her dishes by hand and she loves lighthouses.

On Monday she had a pacemaker put in because her sweet ticker just wasn't tickin the way it should. Last year she had a fainting spell that they almost couldn't revive her from, and the doctors were afraid that if it happened again they wouldn't have such a good outcome. So in she went, and out she came. Good as new. (she is doing REALLY well, and she feels great! Her prognosis and recovery thus far are very positive!) I was on the phone with her today thinking again how blessed I feel to be able to chat on the phone with her and have it be so easy going.

Years ago she and I would go shopping together and it was so comfortable to be around her. Admittedly we haven't gone in awhile...probably my fault for not making more of an effort, and I hope to make that effort this year because I absolutely adore spending time with her...especially as we get closer to the holidays.

ANYWAY!! The reason I'm rambling about my mother in law is because I called her from work to see how she was doing and see if she needed anything. While we were talking she asked me how things were going at the house and I expressed my desire to just quit. I don't want to unpack another box, I don't want to carry anything into storage, I don't want to organize or vaccuum...I just want to sit on my deck. She said, "well, you just have to get it done, keep your priorities straight."

Good advice right?

Well, if anyone else would have said it I would have agreed, but I likely would have come home and ignored that very sound advice. But it was Gloria. So I did just what she said. We are still not done. There are things that still need to be put away...but she just has a way about her, that made me come home this afternoon and just dig in. And I love that.

I loved hugging her, after so many years it felt amazing to offically be her daughter in law.

Getting such love from my new father in law.

Brian's dad is pretty awesome too, they make for a perfect couple. He too has always been a hard worker, respectful, funny, great story teller and teddy bear sweet. I adore my in laws.

Christmas Eve 2004

Have I mentioned that I feel blessed? Because I do. God is fulfilling my life in ways that 10 or 12 years ago I thought would never be possible. Each time I think that I know what I want, I am remembering to turn to Him to guide me, because I have learned over and over that the desires of my heart right now likely don't match the desires of my heart for the future.

He knows me better than I know myself! One more thing to be grateful for.

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Life Is Beautiful said...

What a blessing to have someone so awesome in your life! My husband's mom and my mom passed away before we were married. We often wonder what it would be like to actually have a MIL. Our dads remarried but it's not the same. Reading your post gave me a glimpse of what my husband's mom would probably be like. Thanks for sharing.