Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Afraid someone will discover the moldy leftovers from 2 months ago in the back of your fridge? Holding out hope that the NKOTB will come to your town for a concert? Embarrassed by your little one telling you that they hope you will NEVER look like the "old lady" standing next to you--and have her huff in disgust? Then you've come to the right place. Not Me Monday is the place to come clean with all of life's little imperfections! Just like this:

I did not spend the entire past month completely ignoring the gardens of the last house, and when we left they were not overgrown and covered everywhere by weeds!

I certainly did not spend Wed-Fri of last week making trip after trip with a trailer and our truck with things for the new house, only to get the LARGEST truck imaginable at UHaul and STILL need to make 2 trips with it because we have SO.MUCH.STUFF.

The Realtor did not give us the garage door opener a day early, so therefore we did not eat dinner on the floor of our new dining room a day earlier than the owners thought we would be into the garage. Not us.

I did not let the boys take money out of Christian's piggy bank so that they could ride their bikes to the Kwik trip only to buy chocolate milk and a tornado, and I definitely didn't let them do it just so I could have a little time to blow through some boxes w/o interruption!

I did not spend the last 3 days unpacking an enormous amount of boxes, only to send my family out to visit my MIL in the hospital so that I could have just a few moments to myself. And then I certainly did not get on my laptop to do a Not Me Monday instead of taking a shower. Not me.

And lastly I did not spend so much of today in absolute awe of how perfect this house is for us. Even the quirky things about it are charming to me and I have not thought about every holiday from here to eternity being spent in this home. I have not rushed into being a grandmother just so I can play with the grandkids on the deck, in the yard or in the tree house. I have not imagined countless game nights and family nights in our basement family room with it's wood beamed walls, and brick fireplace, instead of sweeping off the deck or unpacking ANOTHER box.

We're home!

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Life Is Beautiful said...

Congratulations on your new home! I'm very excited you've found the place you want to spend the rest of your lives. What a blessing!