Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wonderful weekend!

This past weekend was such a nice way to kick off a crazy week!
Friday night we went to dinner and drinks with Paul and Allison. While we were at Whistle Binkies, Paul's sister Beth had a BIG bull delivered to the front of his house for his birthday. Of course Brian and I always enjoy our time with them, but this time I was almost giddy to have the night end because I knew it would mean that they would go home and see the bull!

Saturday was a full day of Lincoln-ites. First was the fundraising at Shoppes of University Square. Benjamin had the opportunity to sing with the choir inside the S of U, along with the band and orchestra from Lincoln. It was his first concert-so to speak- and it was neat to watch him! We did some shopping and had lunch, and each of the stores donated part of their days proceeds to Lincoln for our laptop initiative. As you can tell by the picture, if you tell Lincoln to be somewhere, we will go! The halls were PACKED with Lincoln families...this is just one side!

After Benjamin was done singing Brian stayed with the boys to do the holiday activities that they had going on. Like saving Santa from a rooftop downtown, petting the reindeer and enjoying some fun snacks. I went with the Naptons to flamingo Paul's yard for his upcoming birthday. We rushed out to the party store to pick up the 40 black balloons to tie to the flamingo's necks (one balloon for every year)

We managed to get all 40 balloons and all 5 of us into the Napton car, and off we rushed to the Robelias' to plant the flamingos in their yard while they were at brass rehearsal! It was quite an adventure tying balloons, sticking them into the frozen yard...the get-away wasn't as flawless and we thought it would be since I got stuck inside the garage..but it was FUN, and we did manage to get away before they came home!

Then was the holiday party...held by none other than Paul and Allison. We thought for sure they would have removed the flamingos before all the guests arrived, but Paul was a wonderful sport and left them for everyone to see! We had a great time during their party. Brian was able to put more faces to names, and I was able to mingle with people that I don't get to see that often outside of the school walls. All in all it was a terrific time and a great way to wrap up the day. Allison made some delicious appetizers that everyone just devoured! It was a very late night getting home with both boys, and then there was church the next day!
Now we are in the midst of craziness, we have something every night of the week, and this week I will be at Lincoln everyday either working or volunteering, which is A-Ok with me!
I am sooo engrossed in this season! I love the smells, and the sounds and the sights of everything Christmas! In fact I think it is going WAY too fast! Only 2 weeks left and it will all be just a memory. If only I could finish my holiday shopping list....
We have our wedding pictures...they will be posted soon!

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