Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We are halfway through week 2 of Christmas--not winter--break! I cannot believe how fast it is going! The boys and I have had a fantastic break, we have not had to travel nor have I had to to work, so we have spent many hours playing with our gifts from Santa and each other. We have been able to spend time with friends and family over the break and have been able to catch up on the seasons of the Office! I have been looking at my January calendar and it is hard to believe that when this break is over...so is my free time!
This year for Christmas we had a house guest...Daisy Robelia spent a few days with us, and it was kind of fun to have a dog around during the holidays! Christmas Eve--opening one gift.
Christmas morning--What did Santa bring?
Brian's nephews and nieces at his parents
We had a wonderful Christmas with Brian's family, Santa was good to us, and we attended a wedding in Wabasha with Tahnee and Jesse--who we rarely see now that we are out of the old "hood". All in all our Christmas was wonderful...our first as husband and wife!!
Today is New Years Eve, and after having been invited to a few different parties and celebrations, we have opted to stay home this year. I am looking forward to the new year--while I have not always held to my resolutions all year, I am finding myself getting better and better at setting realistic goals. This year I am excited to see how well I do.
1. Send birthday cards to everyone on my list--I have set this 3 years in a row, last year wasn't the most successful after summer started. So my resolution this year, is to make it through the summer and fall.
2. Try a new recipe twice a month...so send them in folks, I'm open to suggestions! It can be a dinner meal, cookies, drinks...anything as long as it is new to me.
3. Spend more time in the yard (when spring/summer hits) No more over grown weeds-- spiders (gulp) will be no match for me!
4. Save and get ahead! This year Brian and I are really going to make changes for the future. We have been in this house for a year and have been able to make some headway...but we aren't there yet! So we are really going to cut back on some of the extras that way when we are ready to move on--we will be prepared to. Having paid off some things has been pretty helpful this year, we no longer have any car payments, and we have paid off and down some of our debt which feels really good, but there is more that we want to do. This will probably mean that I will have to work somewhere that is more consistent than subbing...but in the long run, when we are old and in our rockers, I will be glad that I made this effort now.
To those of you I have not seen, or been able to spend time with, I miss you and love you! I wish everyone a magical new year! I have high hopes for my family this year and I am excited to see what is in store for us! Be safe and have fun!! See you next year----so cliche!

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