Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday season!

Sunday was the first shovel of the season, and the boys did it themselves! It was pretty cool to see them out there working together. Now we need to work it into their allowance. How much should 2 kids get paid for shoveling? We are open to suggestions!
We put up our tree this weekend, and it is absolutely beautiful! Once again, we went to Jim Whiting to get our tree, and once again, we are not disappointed. It isn't the same as going to a tree farm to cut one down, but we still have fun picking it out. This year we picked a much smaller tree than we have in the past, it isn't quite as tall since the ceilings in this house are 8 ft rather than 10 ft BUT, I didn't need to buy more ornaments this year either, so I am content--for now!

The boys found some boughs and played swords with them!

Both Benjamin and Christian helped put the tree up, and they did most of the decorating themselves! Each year the ornaments get higher and I am proud to say that the ornaments are higher than 3 feet from the ground! And they are not clumped together in one spot...they did great! They definitely aren't toddlers anymore!

My cute little reindeer of a husband!

We even had an audience...all dressed up for tree decorating!

This weekend has been busy with family, on both sides, and friends. We spent Thanksgiving day with Brian's family, Friday and Saturday were spent mostly with my family, and Sunday Benjamin and I were able to spend time shopping for the holidays! I am EXHAUSTED!!! Monday I was been in bed all day, sick, tired, pounding headache... Brian took care of the boys and dinner, and carpooling everywhere. They even brought me something to eat in bed when they got home from work and school. I'm lucky to have them, but I would trade the pampering for feeling better any day!

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