Sunday, November 15, 2009

The one with the pavers

Today we went to the Soldier's Field Memorial to see something that was pretty awesome. Have you ever taken the chance to think of what the word 'awesome' means?

inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
showing or characterized by awe.
Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.
Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.

Yep, we did that today. I was proud to show the boys the memorial today.

Not only is my dad memorialized on the pavers, but his parents, his twin brother, younger brother, sister in law and a cousin, and uncle are too.

And on my mother's side of the family my grandfather (who passed away last year) was added to the pavers recently too. Such pride. And the boys were pretty excited to see that too. Awesome.

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