Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out Voted

October 23rd. Does this date ring a bell? Well, for some of you this date may mean nothing, but to those of us in the SE area of the freezing tundra it meant this....

Yep, in no time hundreds several inches fell and covered the ground. Enough fell that the boys were able to create this snowman. In the time that it took for me to take the picture, go into the house and look out the window...this had happened.

Poor snowman...never saw it comin'. The snow was gone by the next day, it melted and all traces of our snowman were melted into the storm drains. Remember how I said that I was like a snowman melting fast. Much like this snowman, my resolve has been destroyed, only I did see it coming. I was helpless to stop it.

I'd like to introduce you to our newest family member.

Yoshi. Yoshi the YoChon. He is fabulous. I really didn't want a dog. In fact, we got 2 cats in my attempt to NOT get a dog. And now, it has backfired, because now we have 2 cats and a dog. If I hadn't tried to stop it we would be 2 cats short. I love them now. Sigh... he really is fabulous though. And the cats don't hate him so that is a plus. Welcome to the family Yosh. We're glad to have you and your cuddles and kisses and charming personality. You won me over at first lick, and already you fit right in. Sigh...now to wrap my mind around 3 pets...

A few weeks ago B&B put up the Christmas lights.

I tried to help. So did Christian.

I can't wait to finish with the rest of our outdoors decorations so that I can get started inside! The holiday season is upon us, and I am getting pretty giddy!

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