Thursday, April 16, 2009


What an awful word. It certainly carries a cloud every time you hear it. I prefer words like butterfly, and singing, and grace. Words like cancer, radiation, surgery, recovery...there just isn't anything good about those words.

Except maybe in my dad's case. Yes, the tumor in his throat is cancer. Yes, it needs to be removed. Yes, he will breath through a tube in his throat for the rest of his life. BUT that means he has a "rest of his life" to live. And it isn't 6 months to a year. We didn't get those words, so for that I am thankful.

He didn't come home today. That bums me. It bums me more that it bums him. Seeing him today was disheartening. His color wasn't good, he has a fever, after a few tests they found slight pneumonia, he isn't sleeping, he was in pain, and he just wants to come home. When he walks down the hall he is a different man than the man who walked in there. He needs to come home to recoup before his laryngectomy. Pray Jodie. Just pray.

I love my dad

Today. was. hard.

I love my dad.

Please God.

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