Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Job hunting...

I want a job. I do. I can't believe I am saying that out loud...I WANT A JOB!!!
I want a job that I go to everyday. Not just when someone needs me. I don't want to be on call anymore. Don't get me wrong. Working at ReFashion--on call-- and subbing for the school district--when it works--has been fantastic! I have been very fortunate to find 2 positions that are very flexible to my children and my volunteering. But its time. I want a real job, that pays real money--regularily. So, lets get on that people! Any and all suggestions welcome. Well, maybe not all...

As promised here is a snap shot of our time at Kalahari.

Click it or ticket Christian! The go kart track is suspended up in the air. It was pretty cool, and the cars were very quiet! You wouldn't even know it was up there--unless of course you knew it was up there!

Benjamin is checking out how far back brother is. Needs to know how much of a head start he'll have!

Ok, this rope course was pretty tough for Christian. He was quite nervous about going, and this one just about did him in! He couldn't reach the guide rope soo he started...

Then went back, he almost didn't go but then...

He gave it another try! We were so proud that he did it!

Just an idea of how *@%&)(*^)$ high my kids were! It was scary for me too! Benjamin had just climbed the stairs (Christian had Benjamin pass him)

So here is Christian climbing the stairs to the highest level and he sees the course part that Benjamin is on and decides NOT to go to that height. He turned around and did the lower part of the course instead. To his credit though, later in the day he did the whole thing up at the very top! He was so brave!

Benjamin could barely reach the guide ropes on this one!

We ran into some kids from Benjamin's football team while we were there! They did laser tag together and played in the water park.

This is my favorite part of Kalahari! Christian is very good at this. He was pushing the board away so that his body was totally in the water, then pulling the board back...he was good!

My battery started to go dead, so this one was when he was splashing by rocking his just can't see that because it was taking pictures so slow.

Benjamin is steering his board, and he is just about to try to get fancy.

Here is is pre wipe out!

Breakfast on the last day. Christian has "took a shower and went to bed with my hair a little wet" head!

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