Sunday, April 26, 2009

So much all at once!

It has been another whirlwind weekend! Here it is through photos:

Friday evening we had another rain/hail storm. The boys wanted very much to play outside in it, so we said...Have at it! Here they are playing invisible football in the street, the hail had ended by now, and it was just raining.

This was the beauty right over their heads. The house you see behind them is the roof you see in this photo! It was the best rainbow, we even saw the end of it in front of the house next door!!
We had tree planting on Saturday! Brian and I became citizen foresters last week (actually we didn't know we became them in one class...we thought we were just there to learn!) Christian is cutting the wire off the basket before we plant the tree.

Both boys really dug in and did a great job. Benjamin did a great deal of the digging. I was so proud of them!

We had to leave the planting a little early to get Christian to his soccer game. He played hard, and was pretty tired. But he scored a goal! It was really exciting! He is still wearing the bandana they gave the citizen foresters to set us apart from those who hadn't done the training. He needed to keep his ears warm! It was CHILLY during his game!
Saturday night we had my cousin's wedding to attend. It was unlike one I have ever been to. It was great because it was unique to the couple, and that is the best part about going to weddings. Ryan has come a long way, it was great to be there and share in his day. Here are the boys and my niece and nephew.
And my sweet husband! (I need sun!)

Here is the man I am lucky enough to call my dad. Of course this was taken on my wedding day, but it just gives you an idea of the way he usually looks. Such a handsome guy! And here he was today...and the swelling they say hasn't quite peaked yet. Sheesh! He isn't as miserable as he looks in this picture. Unfortunately the ones with him smiling are a little is time for a new camera I think.

Storing food for winter dad? Yes, that is a feeding tube. That will come out eventually. He has to heal more, and one day will be able to eat regularily again. The air in his neck is optional too. It just makes breathing easier right now. He has come so far the past few days. It was good to see him today!

After visiting Papa in the hospital today we stopped at Ikea. The boys are sitting in one of the displays. They are business partners doing multi million dollar real estate deals. Go for it boys!

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