Friday, May 1, 2009

Take 5 the weekend is beginning, and I am overwhelmed. Already. That can't be good.

I have managed to find SOMEthing to occupy nearly every moment of our weekend, and I am regretting it. Already I am thinking of the movies the hubby and I could rent instead. Or maybe take a walk, house hunt--basically procrastinate. Anyone double as a maid on the side? I could use one right now--actually not right now; tomorrow. Anyone?

Alas, Brian is sitting at work reading this blog thinking "Couldn't she just be doing some of the honey-do right now instead of writing about it?" You're right honey, I could...but that would be efficient and organized, and lets be real dear, that isn't who you married!

Instead, I am getting ready to run the errands that have been adding up the past 3 weeks, so that I can be ready to veg out clean/simplify with you tomorrow! I have been gone so much that things have just been set aside, and I have 3 weeks of catch up to do this morning! Then an afternoon at the school, trip to the trainer, dinner/drinks with the Robelias...most all of those things will be great!

Dad could/should be coming home today!! Woo Hoo! I wish I could be there when he gets released, I hope one of my sisters thought to bring her camera. I've been keeping a photo timeline of his days in the hospital. That way he'll be able to look back on the days that were blurred over by pain meds and sheer boredom. Wednesday I spent the day with him, and he asked me what day of the week and date it was. It occured to me then that he has NO idea even what month it could be! Crazy. I know how that feels sometimes....

Goodbye VA!!!!

Training is almost over! Yippee! I have loved getting motivated and the jump start to working out is great, but I am over the whole appt thing. I need to do it when I am available, instead of scheduling it in. I have also been restricted from going outside of their program, and I am so pumped about being able to take some classes, and work on some of my "trouble" areas. (Here is where Brian says outloud to his co-workers "She doesn't have trouble areas")....awww Thanks babe!

Ok Weekend, my Take 5 is over, bring it on!

Dear God,

Please help me stay motivated tomorrow. Please help me to keep my eyes on the prize, and help me to stay focused. If I try to avoid those things that should not be avoided, please help Brian kick my booty. And vice versa.


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