Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ok, so Brian has brought to my attention --more than once-- that our blog seems sugar coated. On more than one occasion I explained to the love of my life that this isn't the format for me to talk about our marital woes. And would he really want me to? Appears so! He mentioned again today how everything is hunky dorey on here, so I thought I would dedicate this blog to the dark other side of our marriage!

Our marriage is not perfect. Duh! Anyone surprised by that? Thought not! We have been together for nearly 8 years. He has been my very best friend for nearly 11. During all of those years we have had a few bumps along the way.

He is an incredible man.

I am blessed.

He snores.

This is a problem at night. Here is what bedtime is like: *snore, snore snore* elbow to his back *snore* elbow again..."what what, fine, *snore* I'll take it out" *snore snore* another elbow, "what what am I doing? Jodie, *snore* what, what do you need?"
After roughly an hour of this, he finally adjusts his position and stops. There is always an incoherent conversation, he has no idea what is going on, and every night he is surprised by my elbowing, and would like a full discussion about why I would interrupt his slumber. I however, just want to sleep. I would rather not have a discussion about his "music".

I am a terrible back seat driver. He doesn't like this. I try to ignore the zig zagging through town when we could just take a straight shot and then make one turn...but whatever! I'm working on it! We have had our fair share of bickering conversations about my back seat driving.

Neither one of us like to do laundry. Years ago I hated laundry (still do) but at least now it is maintained FAR better than it ever used to. The trouble is we get it cleaned and dried, and then folded and hung. But that is where it ends. The hung items get placed in closets and the folded items tend to hang out in a neat pile or basket until it is worn. The boys don't even have sock drawers. We have a sock tote. I HATE matching socks! Now, I know that we share this aversion to laundry, however it is also an issue for us. When both people hate laundry as much as the 2 of us, who gets stuck doing it? We'll get back to you when we figure that out! (admittedly I am far more stubborn about laundry than Brian and as of recent months he has been very good about following through when he does it. I need a little more work!)

Do I like it when he riles the boys up before bedtime? Or forgets conversations moments after we've had them? Of course not. Does he like how full I keep our calendar? Would he like me to feel a little less rushed when he gets home from work? Should I just accept that he will never remember where the pampered chef mixing bowl goes? Perhaps.

BUT!! We love each other endlessly. We are a perfect pair, and we have loved each other for longer than either of us even knew or wanted to admit. I am proud to be his wife. He is a generous, caring, sensitive, man who has more to offer this world than he is letting on! As long as we continue to give our marriage to the Lord, and ask for His wisdom and guidance, there is nothing we won't be able to do. We disagree, and we get mad at each other, but we also love. We compliment each other, we talk to each other we laugh with each other and we want the other to be happy. That speaks volumes, and while other things are a work in progress, we know there is no one we would rather grow old and raise these boys with!

There you have it world! Surprise! But tomorrow I will write about the wonderful weekend we are having with Christian! Hopefully I will have pictures to back up our adventures from the weekend!

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