Monday, May 11, 2009

Impromptu Getaway

I have tried to write this post a couple times, but nothing quite does it justice. I had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend, I can't find the right words to describe it, so I will do it through pictures. I loved our last second/no plans/"what do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" "want to go to Duluth?" "Ok" "YAY!!!" weekend in Duluth. The boys were giddy about just taking off on an unplanned weekend, it is something Brian and I have done many times, but never with the boys, so I am so glad to have finally shared it with them! Thank you Brian, Benjamin and Christian for being my family. Being a mother is my favorite thing in the world because of the 3 of you.

The view of the boys swimming from our hotel room balcony. I can't submerge my legs (from the muscle biopsies) so I couldn't swim with them. This was a very pleasant surprise when we got to our room. It was nice to be able to watch them from the comfort of our balcony!

Remember ages ago when I said we can never get a good photo of Brian with his eyes open? But isn't it a fantastic picture of my Benjamin?!

Oh, I love these faces! This was during our brunch in the hotel. The food was delish!

Silly boys. The silly part, was Benjamin letting them think he was being silly!

Christian taking a break. Watching the seagulls.

This should have made me nervous. But it was pretty cool.

Just doing some shopping with my boys.

We found this while we were hiking in Chester Park along the water falls. It was pretty neat, so we had to take a picture! Someone actually spent some time building this.

Does this tree look familiar? It will always be one of my favorite memories. I had flashbacks when I saw it....

Flashback to 2005.
Fall 2005
Fall 2005
This is the same fallen tree that the boys and Brian climbed across in 2005. I didn't know then that it would be one of my fondest memories. Nor did I think it would still be here all these years later. Here they are going over.

Fall 2005
And here they are on the other side! They were so proud.

Fall 2005
This park is also home to one of my favorite pictures of the boys. Duluth truly has been a wonderful getaway for our family! I love love this picture. We now have a collection of Christian's walking sticks!

Fast forward back to 2009--We caught up with these deer in Two Harbors down by the lighthouse. The boys were able to walk among them a little while they grazed. There were at least 10 deer that we could see and count. It was pretty cool!

This was an incredible weekend. I look forward to our next impromptu getaway...even if it is Duluth again!!

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