Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take 5

A while back I wrote about Cruisin along. As I learn more, I waffle between being hurt about it, and just letting God. In fact, I have talked very little about it not at all about it with Brian (Hi Honey!!) because I just don't want it to be real. And I am afraid if I repeat what I have heard, it will be true. I have found that if I don't talk about it, I don't think about it, however, the more I learn, the weaker I get, and want to talk about it. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I am really working on being strong about this, and trying to let it run it's course. I know that I am not in control of their actions, and really not much apart of it anyway, even if I am the topic. However, I am only human....So I pray.

On a lighter much more interesting and exciting topic! Benjamin ran his first 5K on Friday night! It was quite exciting to be apart of the buzz.

Here are Benjamin and his friend Bennett pre-race

Here they are coming up around the last part of the race. When I say up and around, I mean literally. The last part of the race is up hill! Ugh!

He wanted to do some races last year, but we weren't in tune to dates and registrations, so he wasn't able to get in on any, but this year we are all over it! This was the SOS run in Rochester, and he made pretty good time! Brian, Christian, and I did not run with him, I am certainly not what I would consider a runner, but it was quite exhilerating just watching the runners as they came in. So I decided that I will run the SOS next year! I have always had runners envy, and now with the fitness kickstarted with the weight resistance, I am ready to add in some cardio! Will I run one this year...not likely, but I will definitely be ready for next year!
Great job Benjamin we are so proud of you!

After he crossed the finish line! He is smiling--is that the runner's high I hear people talk about? I don't know but he did awesome! The official times aren't posted yet, but he finished just over 28 minutes! 3.1 miles in 28 minutes? Way to go!!

After the race we went to the Napton's for a little post race pizza and cocktails. It was nice to hang out with their family, and relatives (including the Robelias) and the boys got to swim! Beth and Darin keep their pool at 86 degrees, so it didn't matter what the temp was outside (56 if you wanna know) because the pool was toasty warm!
Quite a difference Sat morning can make though! 8am soccer, followed by selling sprouts at the farmers market! In the wind. The cold wind. 30 mile an hour cold wind! Sheesh! 2 1/2 hours is way too long to be standing in the cold wind during the 3rd week of May. But Christian had a good time selling, he had a pretty decent soccer game, and I got some good Lincoln mom jabbering in! So all is good, wind and all!
After selling, we ran like crazy to get ready for my cousin Derek's wedding.

Don't those boys look awesome? Benjamin was Mr High Roller, and Christian is all about the GQ look. Aww, those boys!

Add in my handsome husband. Wow, those are some gorgeous men that I get to love and be loved by everyday!

We spent the rest of the day shopping for gifts, ironing, cleaning out truck, doing our hair (all 3 of us) I even used hairspray today...remember the wind? The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time! It was an early evening though because Bri guy works at 6 am tomorrow, and he needed some beauty rest after the last few late nights. Congratulations Derek and Carrie! We wish you a lifetime of love, and look forward to spending time with you in the future!

Thursday night we went to Walking with Dinosaurs. It was another premium opportunity offered to us by our principal, and we gratefully accepted the tickets. My pictures did not turn out at all since we could not use flash, but the link will show you what we was pretty cool! TRex was pretty intimidating and all the other dinosaurs were quite lifelike. We are glad to have had another experience that we wouldn't have had otherwise, so thank you to Jim for giving us the tickets to see the show!

Now, I get to sleep with Christian tonight. He is lying next to me in bed, and is sleeping so soundly that I am giddy to go to sleep myself! Good night!

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