Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time precious time

This weekend has been one of the best weekends in...well, I can't even remember how long it has been since I have had a weekend as amazing as this.
Lets start with Friday. It was just me and Christian! We went on a date! Brian had plans with friends, and Benjamin was gone for the evening, so it was just us. He chose Erberts and Gerberts for dinner, so after a couple sandwiches and beer cheese soup, we did a little last minute shopping for Easter clothes. Then we rented some movies and came home to veg. During our dinner, he and I had some wonderful, uninterrupted, mom and Jake conversation. For the first time in a very very long time I was able to get him to talk. More than one syllable words, no big brother interjecting, no meetings or appointments to run to. It was fantastic! I feel very fortunate to have had that time with him.
Saturday morning, Christian and Brian went on a scout hike to Ikes in Rochester. Apparantly it is a great hiking area and both of them are looking forward to going back.
Next we decorated eggs. Christian and I wanted to blow some eggs this year, but I had forgotten just how freakishly, pounding headache, ear bursting impossible difficult it is to blow the yolk and whites out, so we only made it through 2.
When I say we, I mean Christian-1 Brian-1...I failed! What's more is that we forgot to decorate the hollow eggs! We only did the hardboiled! ARGH! We did have fun decorating them though. The kit had sponges and rollers, and was pretty cool, and we are all very happy with how they turned out.

Next we did a little shopping Christian style. That little man has been saving for a laptop, but his money has been burning a very large hole in his pocket. So instead of giving in and spending his laptop savings, he spent a gift card that he was given for his birthday from his cousins. That seemed to curb the desire to spend his hard earned dough. It is funny how young that desire sets in. But I am proud of him for holding off and sticking to his original plan!

With his newly purchased items in hand we came home so that he and Brian could put them together while I baked for Easter Sunday at my mom's.
Benjamin came home later that evening and we all went to church. We were reminded of the sacrifice that was made...just so we could be forgiven. Wow!
This morning we all slept in a little. We made no rushing efforts to make it out the door in record time, and I am so glad we did. No one forgot anything, we got to church in plenty of time to eat the Easter breakfast that was offered before the service. This morning's sermon by Pastor Nicklemoe was probably one of my favorites! He is an eloquent speaker and he really tugged my heart strings with his words. I can't possibly do his sermon justice, and I won't try...but it was a fantastic way to start an Easter morning.

From there we went to my mom's house where my sisters, mom and niece and nephew were waiting. The kids had an egg hunt, with quarters inside! Some of them even had 75 cents in them! I wish I could have participated! Thats a great deal compared to the jelly beans that I got as a kid!

Jacobi also planned another scavenger hunt through the house. She plants bunnies, chicks and lambs through the house then has the kids look for them. They have descriptions of each one that they have to then find, and have us sign off on after they tell us where they found it. If it matches our master list, we mark it, and off they go to find the next one! It is our 3rd year doing it and each year she makes it a little harder. It is so fun, and it involves us all! I loved being a part of it and all the kids had fun doing it!

Tonight has been just us back at home doing the Sunday night routine...but I couldn't help but sit back and think of my blessings over the weekend. We had beautiful spring weather, I had quality LONG OVER DUE time with just my Christian, we attended a fantastic church service, everyone was well rested and I had nearly all of my family under one roof for a perfect day of games and food.
My blessings are many, and my appreciation is great. I am undeserving of the goodness in my life.

Thank you God, for sending your Son. Thank you for your wisdom and grace. And now I ask that you watch over my dad tomorrow. Please guide the doctors and surgeons. I ask for steady hands and safe procedure. I pray that dad will have a speedy and uneventful recovery over the next few days with no further complications. If this is not your will I pray that you will guide me and help me to understand whatever is in your plan. In your name I pray, Amen.

Christmas 07, his gift from the Borsts.

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