Monday, June 8, 2009

Bring on Summer!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! If the key board had music notes, I would insert them because I am SINGING!! I cannot wait for summer to be here and the boys to be around more. Of course, they have camp, and vacations, and more camps, BUT we will have plenty-o-time to swim, lounge, hike, chill, play, relax, organize, sleep, and socialize!

Margarita Mondays should be starting look for that! A few years ago, Brian and I started Margarita Tuesdays. We would go to Benjamin's baseball game and come home and make margaritas. It was open invite, so whoever could come would come. We did this for a couple years, changing the day it fell on, but took a year off. Well folks, you've asked and asked (ok, only a few of you have) but you're right! We need to do it again, so they're back!! Only this summer it will fall on Mondays. So bring your pico, maybe some guac, and head on over to the Meurer's for Margarita Mondays. Well, not yet-- we won't be home this Monday, I'll let you know when they start!

I had a superb birthday. But with no pictures. Breakfast in bed with a harmonized birthday song, wonderful cards from the boys with wonderful messages, and some very personalized gifts! I truly am blessed to have such wonderful men in my life!

That is all I will say about our weekend, no recap this time. Why you ask? Because it is time for NOT ME MONDAY!!

I absolutely did not get choked up and teary eyed at the Pixar movie Up this weekend. No, not me. Nor did I spend the first 10 minutes of the movie envying the home and relationship between the cartoon characters. Definitely not me!

There is NO way I spent all weekend, saying "But it's my birthday" just to get out of doing some of the things I didn't want to do. And bless their hearts, they went with it. I am sure I will get it paid back 10 fold when their birthdays role around, but hey, it is only once a year right?

I did not make just under 10 dozen M&M cookies for a party that got cancelled because of the weather, only to give away half, and proceed to eat about 3 a day (ok, 4 maybe) myself each day. And now there are fewer than a dozen left.

I did not nearly cry when the teachers did their dance for the talent show today at school. No way, not "she who wears her heart on her sleeve" Jodie.
(one of the MANY MANY reasons why I love this staff!!)
Amazing Lincoln Staff at Talent Show

Absolutely under no circumstances did I bail on the PPT meeting in the evening of my birthday. It was not the last meeting of the year to wrap up all loose ends, and officially become my official first meeting as President. I certainly did not bail on said meeting "because it was my birthday"!

I did not get excited that Tricia was sick this morning since it meant that I could work for her at Lincoln. I really truly do sympathize with her, and hope that she gets better soon, but I was glad to have one more shift at Lincoln before the school year was over! And it couldn't have been a better day to work with that wonderful staff, and our fantastic students!

Ok, there you have it! Emotional and birthday indulgences....yep, that wraps up last week! I would like to say though, that I have made some progress toward the garage sale, and I confronted the issues I have been facing for a couple weeks. I took it head on, I educated myself before I went into the meeting, and I feel MUCH MUCH better! Yay me! Now we will see if any apologies or acknowledgement will come from the offenders, or if nothing will happen. But at least I know I am doing the very best I can, and with God's direction, I will continue to do what is best for me and my family.

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