Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Me and then some

**I began this on Monday--but my attention "starved" 11 year old demanded requested that I play cards with him, and I couldn't turn him down...so here it is a day late!**

In the midst of VBS camps, parades, downtown concerts, new member brunches at church and beer chugging contests between a tiny little lady and a couple of (not classified as tiny) men, I managed to have some not me moments last week! Do you have moments that you wish you could take back? Did you do anything this past week that absolutely no one should find out? Then Not Me Monday is for you! This is a place to come clean with all the not me moments of the past week. For instance;

I did not drink a glass of milk only to find out it was 2% instead of skim, give Brian a hard time for purchasing the wrong kind, swear I wouldn't be able to drink anymore, and proceed to drink 2 or three more glasses. After all he bought 2 gallons of it, and I couldn't let it go to waste. And under no circumstances did I enjoy a single drop of it with cookie jar cookies.

I did not notice this week how old my body is getting when I was doing lunges and had achy achy knees afterward. I certainly was not doing said lunges after swearing that I would never do them again after working with my trainer.

Speaking of getting old. It wasn't me who nearly called the radio station because I was upset about one of the songs that they played while Benjamin was reading in his room and listening to that particular station. I did not have flashbacks of my mom forbidding me to listen to that music, and decide that she was indeed right. KROC just isn't fit for kids my his age.

I did not come up with an escape route while I was on the segway during the Rochesterfest parade. I was not thinking about how I would get away w/o anyone noticing me so that I could keep the segway. No, not me!

When Saturday morning rolled around and there were flashes of thunder and lightning and pouring rain, I did not secretly praise God that I didn't have to get out of bed to do the garage sale. And absolutely under no circumstances did I change my mind later that morning and ask my husband to set it up...and then leave it to him to monitor while I went grocery shopping and baked in the house. Nope not me!

During the ChesterBay concert, after watching a man dance wildly in the middle of the crowd, and having watched girls Benjamin and Christian's ages dance around in a group, I did not have a single moment where I wished I was not there with my family so that I could let loose and dance too. I did not give thought to letting Brian leave with the boys (when they were ready) so that I could stay and dance!

And lastly, I did not move into a house, begin decorating it, planning my gardens and holiday parties--in my mind-- only to find out it has already been sold and the inspections are done...closing date July 17th. ARGH!! The disappointment!

Still, I know He will help us find the right house for our family, and I just have to trust that this one was not meant to be.

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