Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I don't like to be surprised. If I even have a slight inkling that something is up...I want details. It took me years to actually accept this fact. But it is true. The same goes for surprising other people. Can I keep a secret? Yes. If it is someone else's secret to keep. But if it is my own...like a surprise party that I am throwing...fugget-abat-it! I just get too excited! My husband however, he is good at surprises!

Like just over a year ago, when we went walking up in Quarry Hill and he asked me to be his wife!

The best part of this story, is that he brought me there with the intention of proposing....but not where he did. He had a plan, but seized the spontaneous opportunity to do it where he did. I'm a fool! I really didn't see it coming. I thought it was amazing that the sign actually mentioned proposals, and I couldn't wait to read it with my own eyes! Imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw my handsome, uh, boyfriend, on his knee! He said some very sweet things (that I will keep to myself[ooh, maybe I can keep a secret!]) But I clearly remember the very look on his face when he said "It's been a long time, and it's been long enough, Jodie will you be my wife" I cried and cried. Until he said "Um, honey, are you going to answer because my knee is starting to hurt!" I laughed through my tears and grabbed him and said "yes yes yes yes!!!"

It is amazing that after so many years of calling him my friend, then my boyfriend, that now I have the absolute privilege of calling him my husband. I am so blessed to be able to go through this life with him by my side. We have alot to do, and alot to see, and there is no one I would rather do and see it with. Isn't it great when fantasy gets to be reality too?

I know he is blushing while he reads this...aww honey, I do I do!

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