Thursday, July 2, 2009

He's home he's home he's home he's home

WOO HOO!! Christian is home! Yea buddy he's home! He is playing legos with Benjamin now (even Benjamin is THRILLED to have him home) he just got done soakin' it up in the shower, his clothes are in the wash -- good job Brian for packing all darks with the exception of socks! He has been missed terribly and I am so glad to have him back!

Minus the ticks. Gratefully, as of right now, we didn't bring any home with us. But I had 2 crawl on me during the campfire ending, and Christian had one on his leg on the way TO the campfire..Ick ick ick!

Even after having a great time, like swimming in 67* weather, sleeping with spiders, being yelled at by other campers, having his items taken from him while he was using them, and being chilly nearly the whole time....Ok none of that sounds like fun, but in spite of all of those things he had a great trip! Yet, he still has no intentions on continuing on in scouts. So I guess this was our last scouting event ever...It looks like you will all have to find someone new to get your wreaths and swags from--come to think of it I do too!

Welcome home Mr Mew. We missed you!

It is going to be a great weekend! For the first time EVER we have no plans to have out of town guests, nor are we going out of town. Of course, the downside to that means that for the first time in many years, we are not spending the 4th with the Vulcans. That is a shame, since we don't get to see them much as it is...I sometimes think the phrase "distance makes the heart grow fonder" is true simply because you don't see each can I feel anything but fondness for those I don't see?

Anyway, our weekend of no plans has quickly filled up. Tomorrow morning we will have our last garage sale day. Just in the morning, then we will see the Hoekstras and their new chickens! Boy are they good. MckMama isn't my only inspirational friend. Jesse and Tahnee definitely do things against the grain...or maybe they are with it and the rest of us are against it? Hmmm? At any rate, we get to spend the day with them tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it!

Saturday we have shhhh "secret" plans. Remember how I said I can keep secrets if they aren't mine to keep? This is one of them. I can't tell you what we are doing. I sure hope I can AFTER we have done it, cuz it's gonna be good!

I am excited for the weekend, and in moments Brian will be home to get the weekend started. The beer is cold and the grill is--well, it isn't doing anything yet, that is Brian's job. But we are in 4th of July weekend mode so bring it on!

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