Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greatest School in the Universe!

I have so much pride in the boys' elementary school that I just had to share with you a quick video-or 2-about the new science project that the boys will get to work on when they go back to school!

I feel so blessed that the boys are able to take part in such ground breaking science RIGHT IN THEIR CLASSROOM!!

So exciting! Even the President knows about us working on this Blessed!

ZebraFish Science Project

And another

Thank goodness Jim and Mike posted these on Facebook so that I would have access to know since we unplugged over a year ago, my only news updates are online, so we couldn't watch this on TV, and I wouldn't have known they were even there if not for them! Thanks guys!

Awesome! Our principal is so dedicated to education, and pushing the edge of technology. But I will save all of that for another day...did I mention that I feel blessed? Cuz I do.

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