Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because everyone else did...

Actually, it may be more like "Even though everyone else did..." I wanted to post the picture that was taken of all of us at the brunch on Sunday, but then everyone else did I thought twice about it. But for pete's sake, I am so excited about the new friends I made, that I just have to show them off!

These are incredible women who gathered together in one place to support our common link. Jennifer captivates and insipires us all, won us over with Sweet Stellan's story, revs our spirits and charges our souls---daily. Why else would many of us travel (1hr 45min ONE way) to spend a morning with complete strangers?

I am so looking forward to the Como playdate that is already planned and on the calendar! Blessings? Oh yes, and they come in the form of mommies!

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Life Is Beautiful said...

So glad to hear you'll be at Como, too! Another chance to see the lovely butterflies and Sparky the Seal.