Thursday, July 16, 2009

Silver lining

I have been wanting to leave this house for so long, that I have over looked some of the things that I liked about it in the first place. I thought I would take a minute to give thanks for the house that covered our heads, protected us from the elements and provided a place to call home for the past 19 months.

  • It is walking distance to the bike/skate park for the boys
  • It is walking distance to the Silver Lake pool.
  • It is walking distance to downtown.
  • It is walking distance to Dad's house.
  • It is walking distance to Tahnee and Jesse's house.
  • It is walking distance to the Farmer's Market.
  • Very short walk to Community new favorite "bum around on a nice day while kids are away/at school and Brian is at work" spot.
  • It is a flat walk for Brian to get to work during his early shifts when the buses aren't running yet.

Ok, so they all have to do with walking places. But that is one of our favorite things to do as a family and as a couple. I will truly miss not having to worry about parking spaces for nearly every downtown event--ever! We have been able to walk to anywhere downtown for the last 7 years (our previous house was even closer), and it will be sad to not just walk out the door and walk just about anywhere! Lastly;

  • It is in a neighborhood that kept Benjamin on his original football team. We love the team and the coaches, so we are glad to still be with them this year. Hopefully the move will keep him together with them next year too.

There...the silver lining!

Moving on!

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