Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are MOVING yes we are....

We are MOVING, but not that far!!

Ok, I know it sounds cheesy, but it may give you a taste of how EXCITED I am!! The time has come to bid adieu to this house, and move into OUR house! The new one is right up the hill, in the very neighborhood that I have been eyeing since we moved into this one!

We moved into this house knowing it would just be temporary so we never even unpacked everything! And now we will be able to stay in the new home until the boys are grown and long gone! We are looking forward to truly settling in, and making it ours, we've been living in transition in this house for too long, and I am ready to move on. We were blessed to find the house we are in, when we did, and it has fit the bill for us, but I want to GET OUT!--I would woot woot right here, except that I don't do that.

Our new house is exactly what we wanted! It has a great balance of traditional w/o being outdated, and modern w/o being trendy! I will post pictures after we get some! And we can finally get our piano out of the Robelia's basement! (could have woot wooted here too, but I don't do that) I miss our old old old piano, and I can't wait to get it tuned and polished up, so it can start collecting dust in our home again instead of their basement storage! I guess if we are ever going to have dueling pianos it better be soon!

We are moving mid August, I'll keep you posted, but if anyone is interested in helping us move.....

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