Monday, July 13, 2009


It is almost appropriate that we would go to watch Survivor perform after my last post wouldn't you say? I am going with good angel again. Lets hope I can hold onto the forgiving nature...again, it isn't for me to judge them, I can only focus on myself and my family.

Survivor was AWESOME! Bri and I had a fantastic time! There really aren't many other words than that to describe our evening! It can be summed up through photos though. First I would like to say that the band members did not disappoint. Original or not, they still had the big hair and the vests w/o shirts underneath, and completely rocked the night!! They put on a fantastic performance and we all had a terrific time!

We'll start with the beginning....

See how sweet Celia is...I don't think she enjoyed "Eye of the Tiger" as much as we all did!

Allison and I before the "wine" incident. Note to self, do not put wine in cup holders of foldable chairs then use the restroom.....

John, Eric and Lisa...Old school friends and a new friend! It was so good to sit with Lisa outside of church and GIFT with no children around!

You would think this was long into the evening....but it wasn't!

Beth rocked it all night long! I think she beat us all in the enthusiasm department! It was just as fun watching her sing back to them!

Brian and Paul, I think I interrupted the endless conversation they had in order to take this picture.

Lesson of the night; Don't wear white, sit in fold up chair, drink red wine, leave for restroom, come back and forget aforementioned red wine, and smack handle of chair while telling story. Got it!

Survivor was AWESOME! So glad we went, and so sorry the boys missed it! Paul video taped the song that our boys really would have wanted to see...Can't wait to watch it with them!

We got 4 free Tshirts...we are definitely fans of Down by the Riverside! We love the outdoor concert series in Rochester and look forward to getting to as many as we can this year!

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