Thursday, July 9, 2009


For those of you who follow the blog, I am surprised you didn't see this coming! Of COURSE it was a house!

Many are disappointed that we aren't having a baby! I guess I walked you right into that. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. No babies in this belly!

No, I did not find a job either. I have fielded plenty-o-questions about that too. Still looking for something, so if you know of anything....

But I DID find a fantastic new recipe for book club this past Tuesday, and it was delish! So I am passing on the recipe to you so that you can love it too!

Blackberry Basil Crumble

2-3 apples chopped
2 pints blackberries
handful of basil chopped

Put apples and blackberries into a 2 quart baking dish then sprinkle with basil.

In another bowl mix:

5 Tbs flour (I used wheat)
1 stick cold butter
3 heaping Tbs brown sugar

Cut in the butter with the sugar and flour then sprinkle mixture over the fruit.
Put in 400 oven for 25-30 min.

Oh. My. It was fantastic!

Here are the boys with sparklers on Monday night.

They followed this up with letting off fireworks. Yes we were those people. You know, the ones who let off fireworks AFTER the 4th of July. I do like my neighbors, but I like the boys more, and they won me over. "But Mama..." I get alot of that around here. Tough skin? Not me!
Catching fireflies was next. It was a fire filled evening, but we completely enjoyed ourselves.

Tomorrow night is Relay for Life! We are excited to be a part of it this year! I have been pretty oblivious to it before, but given Dad's situation this year, my eyes have been opened. That icky word has touched me closer than it has before. We were fortunate to have a great outcome. Dad has 2 days of radiation left, and he is done! He looks great, and he feels pretty good, so I praise God!

Speaking of Praises....He led our home search. I was disappointed a few times. Nearly every home we looked at I thought was perfect, only to go home and talk myself out of them. I have been eager to get out of this house almost since I moved in, and He answered my prayers. He is amazing. And I am grateful. Again, I give my thanks. If only He would help pack boxes....

The Realtor and her assistant are a blast! They both are spunky ladies whom I clicked with right away! I feel fortunate to have met them and I hope to keep in touch with them both. Some days I miss real estate!

Ok, so I am supposed to be making adjustments to my resume. No more blogging. Not even reading my favorite blogs. Like MckMama. Or Cakewrecks. Or BringOnTheRain. Nope. No more. Just resume. Focus. Got it.

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