Friday, July 17, 2009


There are so many people in my life that I draw inspiration from. They vary in backgrounds, professions, neighborhoods, interests, religions, educations, but when I talk with these people they inspire me to be a better person.

I have mentioned MckMama more than once because she is one I look to when I need a reminder that I am not in control of my life God is. This is a huge lesson to learn, and I don't think I would have fully accepted this as a rule if not for her. He truly is my guiding light, and I have certainly learned more than once that when I fully let go, and let Him, I feel peaceful. Of course, not always do I get the outcome that I thought I wanted, but usually His plan is better than mine anyway, so I will continue to just let Him.

Then of course there are people in my life who inspire me to be a better steward of our earth. When I was sitting on the front steps this morning waiting for a friend to pick me up, a guy drove by in a van and threw his cigarette butt out of his window. Uh uh, that didn't sit well with me, so I shouted to him that he dropped something. He scowled at me as he drove by, but I hope I made my point.
Of course this IS something I am in control of, and I want to be as responsible as I can while I am on this earth. I want to teach the boys to be aware of their roles, and hopefully we will continue to do our part to preserve the land that was literally made for us!

Let's not forget the women that I have come to know who inspire me to get involved as an activist and as a voice for my children and their futures. Not environmentally this time, but educationally, and to some degree politically. I am getting my feet wet in ways that I would never have imagined years ago. Being PPT president is certainly not something I thought I would do,--I always wanted to be the "PPT, soccer mom" but for a time just going to the meetings was enough for me. But true to Jodie fashion-- if I'm going to go, I go big!!

Of course my children inspire me to be a better mom. I love to spend time with them, I love to talk with them, teach them, learn with them--for pete's sake I love to just LOOK at them sometimes! They see the world in such an innocent way, that sometimes I just sit back and try to see it from their eyes. Being a boy is something I don't have experience with, but I was a 9 year old, and at one time I was even an 11 year old, and I do remember some of the emotions and roller coaster feelings I had when I was their ages. I look to them for cues sometimes, and I think that by sometimes letting them lead a conversation, I learn how to communicate with them in ways that are most effective. They inspire me to be a mama that they can be proud of. I am absolutely proud of them!

And it should go w/o saying that Brian is a huge inspiration for me as well. He is someone I have always been able to turn to. He is someone who has given selflessly. He has made sacrifices and adjustments that many in his position do not make. He is growing leaps and bounds in his faith, he is learning to recognize his mistakes, and stand strong on his convictions. He is my inspiration to better myself as a wife. He deserves it!

My inspiration does not only come in people. But in art, and music, and in golden eagles flying 4 MN state lengths into Canada (yes honey, I was listening, and yes I did think it was pretty cool).

Who do you draw inspiration from? Have you told them? Be inspired, and maybe in return YOU will become the inspiration!

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