Thursday, April 15, 2010

All about Love

By association I am a local sports fan. I like our city baseball team, I really really enjoy watching the boys play sports, and because I think my husband is the cat's pajamas, I occasionally join him to watch our professional sports teams play. I used to really enjoy these games..but as I get older I care less and less about them.


Our baseball team built a new field this past year. They opened said field on Monday with a game against the Red Sox. I have a friend in Boston who I regularily banter w/regarding our professional teams. Because of this friend--I have to hate the Red Sox. No reason, I just have to.

Last year B decided that no amount of money would prevent him from being at the opening game. And that was true...unfortunately when he and I signed up to preregister to qualify to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Twins opening series --- neither of us won. He was pretty bummed, but since there was nothing we could do about it, he recovered.

Enter adoring wife.

I found tickets. Not to the opening game, but to the opening series. Against the Red Sox. They even continued the opening ceremony for the first 3 games. Awesome.

Enter adoring mom.

I gave my ticket to the first child who said he wanted to go. I offered Christian the opportunity first, he passed. I offered it to Benjamin who waffled between wanting to go, and not wanting to go. His friends, teachers, principal and family all thought he was crazy for even considering the idea of going to school in place of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I just talked to them. They are having a blast, Benjamin is thanking me for giving him the ticket...and as I speak my friend from Boston is beginning a chat on FB...going to have to give him a hard time.

But not before I show you the view 2 of my favorite people are looking at right now.

Next's me and Christian. Hands down!


Life Is Beautiful said...

Super cool! Can't wait to take my kids this summer.

Queen Jolene said...

You are a MUCH better mom than I am! I actually thought of telling my hubby to go without me to last night's game, but then, I didn't. I'm selfish, aren't I? I just want to experience it together since we are both fans. So, hats off to you my oh so unselfish friend!