Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I do this from time to time. Think. And I've been thinking lately, that I think alot. Huh? Work with me here will you? This is another one of these kind of posts. I am not going to think about my words...this is very free style. Turn away, or keep going, just consider yourselves warned! He he.

Ok, so I'm not much for deep thinking on my blog. Typically I like to keep it relatively light. After all, I am just a housewife. I don't talk about things that are too controversial; like abortion. Cuz really...don't get me started. For real. I could get started, in which case, my blog wouldn't be light and vacant anymore, and then I'd have a precedent that I'd have to follow, and quite frankly, I'm just not up for that. Vacant. That just came to me as I was typing. Hmph. Wonder why? (see thinking again)
As I was saying, I don't want to cause a stir, I want to simply write what comes to mind. And lately...that's been alot. Let's get started.

Why do people wait and wait for the person who is getting into their car to actually pull away just so they can have their parking spot? At the gym. I mean really, you're at the gym. Do you really need front door parking? Sure, when it was the middle of winter and it was freezing outside, I can relate. But on a day like today? Really? There are 50 spots around the corner, but no buddy, you are going to wait, and hold up traffic for 6 minutes, rather than pull ahead to the other spots. Mmm kay.

I'm glad I'm not alone. B and I went to a restaurant today for dinner. Right next to the window sat an elderly gentleman, probably in his late 70s or 80s, eating his burger and cherry shake. Alone. I started thinking about him as I watched him. Wishing I had my camera. I made a life for him while I watched him as B and I waited for our food. He has 2 sons, both married, they used to be close. But of course both sons also have their own children and grandchildren. They 'appease' grampa by coming to visit. Maybe taking him to the fish fry on Friday know fulfilling their duties. But he's alone. His wife took God's hand. Suddenly. And he is alone. I know, all of this is fantasy. Maybe his wife was playing bingo with her friends. But maybe not. I've been thinking about death lately. I wish I wasn't.

I thought today about what it would be like to really say what I mean. Always. With no repercussions. Like Michael Moore--only w/o the repercussions. Seriously. I want to just call people out when their being selfish or rude. I want to call people out when I hear them lie to their families, or tell their kids that they can't go to youth group because it isn't a social function. Ummm, that is exactly what youth group is. If you want your kids to learn lessons and come home with scriptures and Bible study techniques, send them to Sunday School. Youth group OF COURSE is about our Savior, and growing closer to Him with other kids...but in a social environment with devotions and focused fun. I really want to tell the coach of Christian's soccer team that it is really NOT cool for him to suddenly send an email NOW to the team roster that he will be gone for 2 weeks in May, and if we want our kids to be able to practice or have games, then someone else will have to step up. Umm, not cool.

I've also been reflecting. On my friendships. My marriage. My family life. My career. "Jodie you have to have a job in order to have a career"
Oh! Didn't I tell you? I have a job. A pretty cool one. One that I am so dumb founded and blessed to have been offered that I know for certain that God had his ginormous hands ALL over this. I'm an assistant. An assistant with an amazing schedule that still accommodates volunteering, being here when the boys go to school, when they get home, and an occasional field trip or 2 or 6. I have every Wednesday off, so I could potentially still sub on those days, as well as any days that have advance notice. Yea, I like it. There are travel opportunities and the pay is exactly right for us. Yep, I've been blessed. What's more is that I am working for a Lincoln family who has a full appreciation for the Lincoln philosophy, and respects the positions I hold there, and they encourage me to maintain these roles w/o conflict to the position. Awesome. Uh huh. Blessed.

Ok so the thinking got a little windier than I had thought. So I'll leave the thinking alone for tonight. But I've got more. Like Omega 3, DHA effects, working for the art teacher, BNL, PPT, ViE...not to mention the school year is coming to a close. Maybe I'll do a part 2? And maybe not? I'll think about it.

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