Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I wish I could edit my life. I am right now watching listening to The Office in the background whilst I internet. (yes it's a verb) Actually it is the deleted scenes from season 3 -- it got me to thinking that I would like to delete some scenes in my life. I would REALLY like to take out the scene with Norman and his mother from the store today. Ok, his name wasn't Norman but holy moly, if the movie Psycho came to life, this guy would have totally fit the character. I can still hear his eerie voice calling for "Mother" (who incidentally wore a black trench with a burberry scarf and the tightest bun tied in her hair!) while she sat in a chair so he could try on dress shirts and try to convince me to cut the price in half on everything he wanted to buy. I don't know if he lives in the basement, but they sure seemed awfully close. Perhaps too close...and not in an immoral icky way necessarily, just a too close for comfort kind of way. Delete the scene please!

I would also like to take back the conversation that B and I had today about frozen plants and frost. I'll just leave it at that. Delete.

I could go on and on wishing for a delete button, but instead I would just like to hire a better director. I'm not sure that I am fit for the job to direct my life anymore. Especially when my week is full of work, meetings, football, church, conferences, new roof, volunteering, more football, more work, more meetings...in addition to planning a party and pulling our house together. So this week, I need a delete button. Similar to the easy button, but instead of making these things easier, I just want some of them to go away. Not the roof. We need it so that one can stay. And not the conferences, I'd like to know how Benjamin is doing so far in school. And football should stay, he really enjoys that. Church of course is really important, so I guess that one should stay on the schedule. I really do need to work, because we have a house payment to make, so I should keep that on the schedule. PPT was pretty crucial this week, we made a big decision that impacts the school, so it's best to keep that. I'm really looking forward to entertaining this weekend, so I want to keep that one...Sigh, I guess I'll only send the whole Norman and his mother to the cutting room floor this time.

What scenes would you like deleted from your life this week? I'd love to hear about them!


Life Is Beautiful said...

Great idea for a post! Some things just can't be edited out. However, I must admit that I deleted my 5:30 a.m. workout out of my schedule today.

Jolene said...

First off, I want to climb down to your area of the frozen tundra or drive and give you a big hug! Seems one would be in need at a time like this. However, I too have a week I'd like to delete, shall I share...I might cry! (being I'm at work, oh who cares)

I got a call last weekend from my son's teacher and he scored at 3% on the MAP testing at school. Which as called for him to be in Title One classes, and a lower reading class (he's a 2nd grader). Not SOOOOO bad, however, this has sparked thought of possible asperger's, ADD, or a learning disability. So, I've been calling MDs, psychiatrists, the school, you name it. I'm doing my best to get the help we need and really, i'd MUCH rather delete!

So, how bout that hug?!