Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where oh where have I been?

Well let's see. I've been PPT-ing, ViE-ing, volunteering, employeeing, baking, interviewing, GIFT-ing, mothering, wife-ing, homemaking, deck sitting, entertaining, homeworking, and footballing. Yes, that is about sums up my past week. And it has been great. As I type I am surrounded by birds just chirping away on the deck, I don't think they care that I am here. I'm still getting used to that, so bear with me while I absorb the newness of the birds not being afraid of me!

*UPDATE* For those of you who have asked...ViE stands for Volunteers in Education, and I am the one of the coordinators for our school. I help find and organize volunteers for district events. PPT stands for Program Planning Team, which is our school's version of the PTA, or PTSA. I serve as one of 2 presidents this year, and have 2 years left of this position! I really love both positions as they have helped me to meet many people who are now dear friends, as well as being in the loop of the goings on at school, so I can be an advocate for the boys' education and help make decisions regarding their experience at Lincoln!

In addition to all that this past week has kept me busy with, I have heard the question "when oh when are you having a housewarming party?" SOO, after much contemplation, and trying to work out a time, I think we have found a chance to have one! And now I am super excited! Something to look forward to, and plan, and prepare for.

Ok, so this was a cheater post, I do have lots to talk about, in fact I have several posts hanging out in the unpublished category. It includes an update on the offenders deceivers those we should pray for, thoughts on motherhood, and some great quips from some blogs I have read lately! But that post takes time, and I don't have much of that these days, so it will come in due time! Until then--have a fantastic Thursday!

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