Thursday, September 24, 2009

Say what?!

3 days in a row Jodie? How did we get so lucky?! Aww, so sweet of you to say--assuming you did say--it's just who I am, I aim to please!

I had a meeting tonight with a taskforce at our church where we discussed forcing a task. Ok, seriously I was a little out of my element at this meeting, but I have opinions...and I am always happy to share them. When I was asked to participate in the discussion I jumped at it, and am so grateful to have been a part of this meeting of the minds. I was reminded however of how little I actually know of the topic at hand. Why is this so top secret you ask? It isn't. But until things gain a little momentum, I will leave it at that. The reason I bring it up is that while I was sitting in this meeting, thinking of some of the opportunities that may present themselves to our family, I felt so blessed to be a member of our church. Not only to have the privilege to be in the meeting that I was in, but to have this congregation as my church family as my immediate family faces some new territory, and big decisions. The Lord has truly provided for us not only with tangible items, and a beautiful home, but with people and a community who are worth their collective weight in gold. And from what I hear gold is worth alot right now, so that is saying something!

I also have to mention that He was certainly looking out for me today while I was taking the kids to FP. FP if you will remember from last year is First Players. It is a program that a music teacher from another church in town runs for kids who are just beginning to play instruments. As 5th graders they meet once a week in the morning to play with small groups, and then on Friday mornings as a large group. This year, since Benjamin is a 6th grader not in 5th anymore, so he is in a concert band with students from 6th-12th grade, with the same teacher. Now, they meet on Thursday afternoons. So anyway, it was my day to transfer the kids from school to practice (I pick them up about 40 min before school is out), and when we were walking out the door, I noticed that one of them seemed a little out of sorts, so I said... (we'll call the student "Sax")... I said to Sax, "You seem a little off today, is everthing ok?" Thinking the response would be--I don't wanna go to band, or I wanted to stay in science and learn, or I'm hot...oh no, the response was "I don't feel good, I almost got sick in my locker"!!!

I stopped in my tracks, jaw hit ground. Ok, so I didn't get that kind of sick this past week, but I have had just about all the sick I want to handle right now. So I felt Sax's forehead, and asked a few questions then turned Sax around and said "Lets go call your mom". We didn't get a hold of her, so I made the executive decision to leave Sax in the nurse's office and took the rest to band. When I returned to pick up Christian from school, I was told by our wonderful secretary that soon after I left Sax got sick. HE was watching out for me for sure! Instead of having 4 kids + myself in the car with a student who would have gotten sick in my car, I had 3 healthy students and one exactly where he/she belonged--in the nurse's office! I pray for Sax as I have since talked to mom a number of times, and being at school was not the only time where Sax got I hope that a speedy recovery will be made, and that this does not pass around through their home!

Tomorrow I get to pick up our Goddaughter Callie! We are picking her up to have her for the weekend and our whole house is excited to have her! She is 3 now, and brings such an energy to a house full-o boys! I can't wait to cuddle with her, and sing to her, and read some of the books that the boys are too old for! We are looking forward to bringing her to football, and church, and some of the other things we have going on this weekend! I am so looking forward to having her, we've had it on the calendar for a while, and it is finally here! So I THANK our ever knowing God for watching out for us today so that we were not exposed to Sax at his/her most vulnerable point. Praises to Him!

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