Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Nazis? Hitler? ELCA and where they went wrong? Republicans. Democrats. Conservative. Liberal. Right. Left. Gay. Lesbian. To be a Pastor. To not be a Pastor. So.Fed.UP.


All of us.

I am frustrated with society right now. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed. Where are our priorities?

Jesus loves us all. He turned no one away while He was teaching. Who are we to judge? It is not my job. Nor is my job to be the President of the United States. And if you ask me--you didn't but this is my blog after all, so you did sort of ask, in a round about way...right? Where was I? Oh yes! If you ask me, I think he did a fantastic job in his speech. No political swaying, nor hypnotizing of our youth. Health care was never brought up. Encouraging. Uplifting. Impressive.

I'm frustrated. I'm praying. Praying for my congregation. Praying for those who prey on the confused and hurt. Praying for the organizations who exploit people when there is controversy.

Family changes coming our way. Just between B and I (and all of you). I'll reveal more to the boys (and all of you) when there is more to reveal. In the mean time, we'll stay focused.

Sigh....it is difficult to be a Christian/mother/wife/friend. Praying.

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