Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Q & A (updated)

Who are "the offenders"? I choose not to identify who they are simply because I don't think it is relevant. I consider now and then to talk about who and how many there are, but at this point, I don't see a benefit to that, so for now, we'll upgrade them to "those we should pray for".

You haven't mentioned them in awhile, have things gotten better? Umm, that is a difficult question. I think to some degree things have gotten better for Brian and me. We have sought counsel in a number of areas and have found that we are not in jeopardy with the decisions that we have been making, so we will continue to do what we know is right (and legal), and if things continue to move in the right direction (no matter how slowly) we will leave things as are. Unfortunately, there are people involved (personally and professionally to all of us) who have expressed frustration with them as well, and are feeling misled with some of the deceiving things that are being and have been said. Instead of letting it consume me as it did last winter, I have made the decision to say as little as possible with the exception of lending an ear, they are not on my radar as they had been. So, while it is getting somewhat better for me, it has taken a turn for others involved in both personal and professional ways. Again, I will continue to pray for them. I believe for the most part we all have the same ultimate goal, and that is to serve the Lord the best we can, I just think we have different ways to achieve that goal.

Brian isn't the boy's dad?! I didn't realize that, who is? Was I married to him? You are right! Brian is their stepfather, and the best stepfather you could ask for. I met him when Benjamin was just over a month old, and he became a fast friend to both Benjamin and me. Of course because of the timing, he has also known Christian since he was born. We have pictures of B holding each boy when they were infants, and he has played an instrumental role their entire lives. From a mundane day at the park, to holidays and birthdays with many friends, their memories with Brian reach far back to before he and I were a couple, and I feel grateful for that. (their dad is very involved and is very much a part of their lives, B is not a replacement at all to him.) B is amazing, and we are all very lucky to have him in our lives. Yes, I was married to their dad. *** I already got the beep on my phone telling me that I had a new email, upon checking the message, it asked further questions about their dad. Wow-you're quick! Thanks for your sweet words! :) I should have realized that some of you are relatively new readers, and I haven't mentioned him recently, but his name has come up occasionally. I started this blog thinking that those who would read it would know much of our history already, so I haven't taken the time to introduce him, but now that it has grown to some of you who don't know...I suppose I should. Any time I have mentioned Chad ...it would be their dad that I am referring to. Inquisitive readers! I like that!! ***

What changes are happening? You mentioned them, and then never brought it up again. I did, and I am sorry. The changes were taking a little longer than we anticipated, since then another opportunity came up, so they have been put on hold for awhile. When I have more news I will definitely share!

Have I figured out what the screeching animal was last night? Ok, so this wasn't asked by someone else, but it is one that has been haunting me since we heard it. We sleep with our bedroom windows open, and last night we were both wakened by an awful screaming sound from an animal outside. It was chilling and scary, I couldn't tell if it was fear or pain, but after a few minutes of listening to it, and B at the window trying to see what it was, it made a few small squeaks and went quiet. I have no idea what happened, or what kind of animal it was, but I can't get the sound out of my head, and I sure would like to have an answer to that question!

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