Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Love!

Yesterday my adorable husband celebrated his 34th birthday!

He and I spent much of the day together while the boys were in school. We went to Thursdays on First where we ate, mingled, and shopped. We also ran into Benjamin's former football coach and spent a good hour discussing the sport at great length. Plays, players, ups and downs. Ok, so I had little to nothing to talk about during this conversation, but the 2 of them love to talk about football, so who was I stop them? It is his birthday afterall. And I actually enjoyed just being an observer of the endless conversation!

After we picked the boys up from school we came home only to have my mom stop in to spend some time on our deck while Brian and Benjamin went to--you guessed it--football practice. Boy oh boy do I love this season! My mom and I had a great time sitting on the deck talking and enjoying a glass of wine while Christian played in da 'hood.

I won't fill you all with the details of how wonderful, kind, adorable, thoughtful, gentle and sexy my husband is. And I won't fill you in on how worthy this man is of a day just for himself.

Mmmm, german chocolate!

We can't take our eyes off looks delish!

He is an excellent match for me, and only by God's grace are we together today. Praises.

Now, he gets to use his new birthday power tools to build me a floor to ceiling wall to wall bookshelf for "my" room. The spare room will be used as a sewing/study, and I can NOT wait to get started on it. So much that I may even wait to paint the circus striped main floor bathroom. (I'll share pictures of both rooms soon!)

Happy Friday everyone! This weekend we have football on Friday, with more football on Saturday, followed by football on Sunday. Mix in drinks with friends, dinner with friends, rally Sunday at church and an evening with friends, it should be a fantastic weekend!

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