Thursday, October 8, 2009


I've said this before. I have said that I am going to just STOP. And I'm saying it again.

Last night at our GIFT meeting (Growing in Faith Together) we talked about learning when to say when. When is it enough? What do we sacrifice on a regular basis in order to make all of the activities, and to follow the schedules that WE set into place? For me? The sacrifice is sleep. Exercise. Occasionally it is even church. For instance, last Sunday as I was notifiying one of our fellow GIFT-ers that we would not be at our meeting that morning-and we were doing the devotion--I realized that I was cutting out the one thing that day that would replenish my body and mind for the rest of the week. I was tired. We all were. It had been a late night with the housewarming the night before, and we cleaned up before we went to bed. It seemed legit. Until I gave real thought to it. Now, starting today, I have realized that our next 4 days are going to be shuttling from one activity to another. In addition to all of the things I have volunteered to do, and just doesn't seem necessary.

So from here forward (yea right) I am going to try to scale back. I need to reevaluate our lives and our schedules, and maybe, just maybe there are things we can remove from our calendars!

Cross your fingers!

Here is the video we watched to kick off our book study group this quarter--Jesus was human, and even He took time to spend with God. He turned to God, and replenish His mind and body with prayer and God's Word! When He was faced with distraction, He kept His focus, but not because He was super human! Oh no, He looked to God for strength--what a great lesson for me to have learned last night.

Rob Bell is an author that I am excited to learn more about! Enjoy the video!

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