Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ready - set - SUB!

The second week of school brought some great news for me, and I am thrilled that the time has come to share what it is!

I have the priviledge of being able to sub in the boys' school for 6 weeks starting on Monday! Not only am I fortunate enough to have been asked to fill the position, but my fantastic boss at ReFashion is completely supportive, and has given me the time off that I need! She is fantastic!

So, for the first time since Christian was 1, I will work 5 days a week, all day! I am excited, but nervous for the upcoming weeks. No more grocery shopping while the boys are at school. No more lunch or coffee dates with my girlfriends. No more sending the boys off to school while I am in my pjs and slippers. No more Thursday volunteering. No more sitting at home looking at the 4 walls by myself. No more sitting in the cold house because I refuse to set the thermostat higher just for me.

I spent today going over and shopping for some menu ideas, including some new crockpot recipes that I can just throw together in the morning so that dinner will be ready when we get home. I have also updated my wardrobe! That was fun! I love working in a store with consigners who bring in clothing with tags still on! New scarves and sweaters, never used, but for consignment a discount! I'll miss finding the goodies before they even hit the floor, that will be one more thing I'll miss over the next 6 weeks!

Kindergarten assessments, 3rd grade math interventions, rowdy kids---yep! That is my next 6 weeks in a nutshell. I must say that after meeting with the person I am subbing for, and going over the tasks that lay before me...I'm a little overwhelmed. She has some big shoes to fill, and I am very nervous. Thankfully I feel very comfortable with every staff member there, and I know that I can look to any one of them if I have questions.

Did I mention this is the boys' school? That I get to be with them everyday? Blessed.

Ready or not!


Jolene said...

AWESOME!!! What a blessing to be with them eah day! God is so good! Can't wait to hear all about your experience as a sub!

Kami said...

It sounds like an amazing blessing! I'm thrilled for you that this opportunity has presented itself and God has opened this door - how exciting to see what He has in store for you! :)

By the way, I don't know if it's just my computer or not, but the last few times I've visited your blog, the background design only goes about 1.5 inches down the page and doesn't load beyond that - so I've had to highlight the text to read it. Just wanted to let you know in case it isn't just me! :)

MoJo said...

Thanks ladies! I'll keep you posted! Another opportunity has presented itself too, I just hope I can make them both work together!

Thanks for telling me Kami. I had 2 other people mention it, but it looked fine on my computer...I changed the background, I hope it helped!