Monday, October 12, 2009


My 11 year old rolls his eyes--ALOT.

He says "WOW" sarcastically when he is the one who did something wrong and is now receiving a consequence.

He love his mama but only when there is no chance that someone else will catch on. Like when he instigates hand holding in public but quickly removes it at the first sign of someone who may or may not approve.

He wants to check his email 50 times more a day that I check mine--which is saying something!

He honestly believes that the entire world was formed solely to entertain him. And when he isn't being entertained, he pouts. And mopes. And rolls his eyes.

He is sensitive when it comes to nearly everything. Friends, homework, the tidiness of his bedroom, and his clothing.

He is cuddly and snuggly.

He is super smart!

He is charming.

He is absolutely adorable.

My Benjamin is going with friends to football games. And I am not in attendance, and I don't know the parents of the people he is hanging out with as well as I have in the past. I have always made a point to build relationships with the parents of the kids the boys spend time with. But his social circle is getting bigger, and I can't keep up!

My Benjamin is leaving town on trips with youth group, or to do community service projects--and I am not chaperoning.

My Benjamin is growing up. And it seems I am unable to stop him. Sigh...

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Janelle said...

Wow! Our 11 yr old tweens sound like two peas in a pod! I know my son has to be going through the beginning of puberty with the rollercoaster he is on. Meanwhile I am holding on to the back of the rollercoaster hanging on for dear life trying to keep up! Is it possible that I was once like this too...nope, not me! Never! I saw you at the Mudd Lake event, but I never got a chance to come introduce myself! Sounds like we would have had a lot in common!