Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

Can I just say that baking with the boys is absolutely one of my favoritest things to do? -There is that word 'absolutely' again. I may start a contest for the first person to tell me how many times I've used that word in the last _?_ posts, I'll let you know when that contest starts--

Anyway, this past week Christian and I put one of the 2 pie pumpkins that we have sitting on the counter to use.

He and I have been making pies from pumpkins for the last 3 years, and I see no reason to go back to a can. He has certain jobs that he does with next to no direction! He and I make a great team in the kitchen, this is a bonding experience that he and I have had for so long, and I look forward to each recipe we make. When we're in the kitchen we talk and we laugh and we really is one of my favorite past times with him. Of course there have been plenty of times that we start a recipe and a neighbor stops by, or he decides his brother is more interesting, or he just plain gets bored, so he leaves. I'm left to eat the batter continue baking myself. And with flaxmeal as a substitute for eggs, the batter isn't dangerous to eat bake!

It is more work and time consuming to do it this way, but it is also much more fun!

Our poor Meurer family cookbook. All of the Meurers put together a cookbook with family recipes that have been passed down over the generations, as well as our own family favorites. The left page is just one of the recipes that we submitted--Christian's Pumpkin Pie. We should be able to find the page pretty easily now that it is covered in pumpkin--remember keep the mixing wand in the bowl while mixing! I wish I could blame it on one of the boys...but I did it!

Before it was foiled and baked...we didn't flute the edges, his fingers don't quite work that way!

Final product. We are getting pretty good at finding the right spice combination. Our second pie was in a chocolate crust, and it was even better! Great work Christian! 1 more pumpkin to go! Pies or bars this time?

It's neat (I don't think I've used that word since 8th grade) that some of you are too bashful to make public comments, and instead email me directly. Thank you all for your support along my blogging way. I do enjoy writing, and I feel grateful to have found a place to write my thoughts so that those of you who are interested enough can have a sneak peak into my madness mind. My audience started out with just a few, and now has grown to many...some of you I don't even why not pull up a keyboard and use the comments to introduce yourselves!


Kami said...

Yummy!! I don't like pumpkin pie, and that looks DELICIOUS! Or should I say absolutely delicious?! :)

Jolene said...

NUMMY!!!! I want to know how to use flax seed? in recipes. I LOVE pumpkin pie and I also LOVE to bake/cook with the kids. Most often, they love it too!

Thanks for letting me in your mind! :) I enjoy your blog.

BTW, I'm Jolene. Mother to two children. Allie-3 Jonathan-8. I also work in the NICU at Riverside hospital and LOVE my job! I enjoy baking, scrapping, researching (lately ADD and Autism, as my son is getting tested for both), and blogging. It helps to get stuff out of my head and onto the PC.

Any who, have a great day and save me some pie. Ok, so don't, it was just a thought. LOL