Monday, October 19, 2009

Seems so simple

Sunday night in our house found us all bustling (that is a new word for the 2/3 graders today!) about getting ready for the week. Mom is starting a job and we must have things in order. Sweet Daisy the dog that we were dogsitting has gone home, neighbors have the flu so our get together is postponed...all the time in the world to panic that my family won't get fed at all this week because I will be working, and laundry will never be completed and bills will never get paid and stoves will never get wiped and groceries will never be purchased and and and and to prepare for the next day. (as it turned out B had the day off today and was very helpful-thanks B)

Sunday night:

Mom--So boys, are you excited to have me in the school everyday for the next 6 weeks?

Benjamin shrugs shoulders--Yea, sorta.

Christian--Yes and no.

Mom--Oh? What are the yeses <-seriously, is that how you spell it? and nos?

Christian--Well, yes because it's fun to see you in the halls, but no because you always see me when I'm doing something and tell me to stop.

Mom--Umm, well, if you don't make inappropriate choices, then I don't have to stop you.

Christian--But can't you just not look?


Benjamin--I'll be glad to have you there because we don't have to ride the bus anymore! AND my friends think it's cool that you work there.

Great, I'm impressing the friends, but not my 4th grader who would prefer to fly under the radar! And if you'll remember back to this day, you'll see that they have ridden the bus for a little less than 6 weeks total--EVER. And already the novelty has worn off. Glad I'm good for something!

My first day was great! I witnessed 2 body snatching moments with Christian--literally...he loves wrestle, and sometimes doesn't keep his hands to himself! All in innocent fun, but the lunch line probably isn't the place. I also found out that Benjamin was kept from the library with another student to sweep the science room. It turns out he didn't actually do anything wrong...but it sure looked like a punishment! He did a great job though, I think he just earned himself another chore at home!

Of course the staff was great, and I love the schedule she has. Day one over. Ready for day 2!


Kami said...

I'm glad to hear that things went so well for you! I've been praying that this transition will be a smooth one for you :)

Life Is Beautiful said...

I was just wondering how it's been going for you this week. Sounds like all is well and I'm glad.