Monday, March 29, 2010

From the beginning.

I've gotten many questions about what brought us to where we are, so I thought I would tab the past year's posts--but only the ones that involve dad's health. This should bring you up to speed as to what has gone on, and what brought us to today.

First we start with April 14th 2009

April 16th 2009

April 21st 2009

April 26th 2009 has a snapshot of what dad looked like post surgery.

Dad underwent radiation, I mention his recovery, and talk about our conversations together in several posts in the next few months. I don't feel as though they are relevant to the purpose of this post, so I haven't added them. He appeared to be doing well during that time, his appointments were all postive, and he was able to attend many of them himself. But then...

December 9th 2009

December 11th 2009

December 13th

December 16th 2009

December 17th 2009

December 18th I decided that the post before was a bit depressing. This one doesn't offer more information, but I had a more positive outlook...

January 6 2010

January 19th 2010

February 3rd 2010

February 8th

February 16th This day will go down as one of the most painful days of my life.

February 23rd 2010

And the rest are all from the 'end' going forward. Dad's health declined significantly between the post on the 23rd, and the one I posted on this date. It seems that many of you have read the posts as of late, but for those of you coming in new to the blog, I will post them here for easy access.

March 19th 2010

March 21st 2010

March 24th2010

March 25th 2010

Updated March 25th 2010

March 28th 2010

March 28th 2010 again

That brings us to today. Hospice came again today, and she is completely stumped. She is proud of the comfort and love that dad is clearly being given by the 3 of us, and she half jokes that perhaps he is too much so that he isn't moving on. Although, I think we all know that what he has waiting for him is far better than anything we have here. Someone just needs to tell dad.

So here we are, and here we wait. Still.

And still praying.

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