Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wish it wouldn't be gorgeous, sunny, and hot one day, and gloomy, rainy and cold the next. I have to turn the heat off, but then I forget to turn it back on. It gets cold in the house the next day.

I wish it wouldn't be gloomy w/o the rain. Trust me I adore a good gloomy rainy day, as long as it's raining.

I wish people picked up after themselves. When the snow melts, all the garbage and debris that people were too lazy to throw away all winter, suddenly emerges. It's gross. Pick up after yourself--all year--cold is no excuse to ignore garbage cans.

I wish the puppy wouldn't dig holes. Digging in the snow was fun...but 30 minutes after a bath, with no snow left to dig in...annoying.

I wish we didn't still have Christmas lights on the house. Not because we don't want to take them down...just not sure what to do with them when we get them off the trees, deck and roof. I already (finally) put all the indoor decorations away, (for ages the totes served as road blocks for Y-man to stay out of the dining room...I got tired of that and stashed them into the attic) but these are outdoor decorations. Can you tell I've never had this dilemma before?

I wish we would get the post snow/after thaw/Spring fever is in high gear/ snowfall already. When you live in MN you know that when everything looks like spring, it just means that Mother Nature is gettin' ready to throw a big snowball. Come on Mama N, get it over with!

I wish people would know that spring is not capitalized. It's true...I looked it up.

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