Friday, March 5, 2010

Letter from Home

The book we are reading for BC this month is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie's a book told in letter form. So in keeping with the theme of this month's book, I bring you today's post;

From Home to Jodie

Dearest Jodie,

March has begun, I know this because Christian has The Office calendar hanging on his wall in his bedroom. With that calendar, I have learned that with March, comes spring. I have a request for you, that I hope you will oblige.

I've entertained your friends,

You've celebrated anniversaries, while I kept you warm,

When you were wet, I kept you dry,

You watched your boys play hours and hours of football thru the impeccably clean windows that I provided you.

And you've eaten oodles and oodles of food in what you call your "favorite" kitchen...offered by me.

Don't get me wrong, I've been happy to do all this.

You have delightful boys who are mostly well behaved, and they have not drawn on my walls as I've heard happened in your first house....

Your cats are terrific, they like to sit in my windows, and lounge on my deck, I'm happy to offer this to them.

I wish you would have consulted me before you got the dog...

I'm not thrilled with where he chose to do his business in the beginning and we really have to discuss what will be done with the yard next winter...but he seems to have come around, and I'll do my best to keep him safe.

But really, now that March is here will you please PLEASE open the windows, and finish cleaning the spare room, maybe while you're at it, you'll figure out what to do with your grampa's desk so that all of his desk drawers can be emptied out and removed from the laundry room, I like to have a little more room in there...and please oh please will you convince your husband (who I really like by the way, he keeps the laundry chute clear, he's a keeper) that the downstairs family room could really use some color?

Thanks for your consideration.

Til you die,
Your Home

From Jodie to Home

Dear Home,

Your requests were heard, and I want you to know they have not fallen on deaf ears. I was just talking to the husband that you and I both love, that this weekend would be dedicated to cleaning said rooms, and that we should pick a color in which to paint the downstairs walls. It's almost like you heard me. Hey wait....

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