Friday, February 26, 2010

First time for Everything

The school the boys go to is unique in many ways. One of the qualities that I like the most is that it is a school of 340 students in grades K-8. There are multi age classrooms with the 'uppers' being the 6-8 graders. Our 'uppers' students took a class ski trip today to one of the ski hills in our corner of the frozen tundra. When the teachers were in the beginning stages of planning this, Benjamin's teacher asked me if I wanted to chaperone. Of course! Yes, please, sign me up!

After giving more thought to what I had been signed up for, I realized that I don't ski. It's fun. But I'm no good. So for a few weeks I'd been debating whether I should actually go. When the permission slips came home I jotted a quick note asking if they still wanted or needed me as a chaperone...indeed they did. So I resigned to going, but decided I would sit in the chalet for the day, and should a student come in needing something, I would be at their beck and call. Then, as the day got closer, I decided that since Benjamin would be staying after the class portion of the ski day for ski club that night... (are you following me with this?) Let me break it down:

Class ski trip 9:15-4:00
Ski Club 3:30-11:00

Those who were a part of the ski club were just going to stay at the resort and ski the entire day, the rest of the class would head back on the bus and end the day at 4.
I did not want to wait until the end of ski club, so I decided to drive up seperately, and when the ski club bus got there with the rest of those chaperones, I would head home. Ok. That was the plan.

The day began beautifully. Woke up to Benjamin singing in the shower at 6:30 this morning. Grabbed a latte with the hubby, drove to the ski resort, gave Benjamin his snowboard and sent him on his way, met up with some parents, helped kids get their rentals, and once everyone was off and skiing, I joined one of the teachers (who was also not skiing) in the chalet.

We spent a few hours listening to students come in giddy about the hills--many hadn't skied before--we ate some baklava (more on that another day) we talked about children, the gorgeous day, school, teaching...really it was quite a nice conversation. And then. 1:30ish.

Benjamin comes to me pale faced and with a look of shock. "Mom, I dislocated my shoulder."


I helped him take off his jacket and sweatshirt...and while I have absolutely no education in the medical field...I knew. It's broken.

We hunted down ski patrol, they found Benjamin in the chalet, and before he even did an exam, he said "The's broken" He did his paramedic thing, and my girlfriend rounded up our things, Benjamin's buddy retrieved his board, we filled out paperwork, loaded up the truck, and drove the 45 minutes back to town to visit the ER. A visit to the ER that confirmed indeed that Benjamin has a nondisplaced fracture. Some oxycodone, a sling, and instructions to medicate and take it easy for the next few weeks later, we came home to pamper the little man with his very first broken bone.

I must say, he was such a tough guy the whole time. I'm in awe of his behavior from beginning to end. And can I just point out the many ways God worked His magic for us today?

  1. I was asked to take this trip...I did not volunteer.
  2. I went, even after giving thought to my NOT being a skier, and that maybe someone else should go.
  3. I drove my truck instead of riding the bus.
  4. The weather was beautiful thus allowing me to drive w/o concern for road conditions.
  5. His bone fracture is in place, so no need for interventions or surgery.
  6. It is a single small fracture, not a head injury or several broken bones.
  7. It was the last ski club day, and not the first...and he is in no sports for the next 6 weeks (his recovery time)
  8. We have medical insurance.
  9. We have Mayo Clinic as our primary... definitely something we take for granted.
  10. While the waiting room was packed full, we had a relatively short visit (2 hours from start to finish) We were in and out before some (before us) even got in.
  11. I maintained composure the entire time. I did not shed a tear, I did not get weak, I did not embarass him in front of his friends by getting all mothery, and in my complete haze to get him to the ER, I did not forget anything at the chalet.

He's so good to us. He took care of Benjamin today, he helped me stay composed, and He guided us home. Not bad for a first broken bone.

Baklava....just wait!!


Queen Jolene said...

WOW! What a day! My girlfriends little girl went last year and broke her leg, two surgeries later, she's doing great!

Praying for a quick recovery! Props to you mama for no embarrassment! I'd be bawling!

And God? Why yes, He did work His magic for you all! How awesome!

Kami said...

Wow, what a day that must have turned out to be for you! I can't imagine how you would've dealt with it had God not lined up all of those amazing things like He did. It's amazing the way He works in our lives, isn't it?!

I'll be praying for a fabulously fast recovery!