Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a Glimpse

Last night's dinner was scrumptious, and incredibly refreshing. I left the dinner with memories that will cause me to smile each time I think of them. There wasn't a moment last night that my dad's condition crossed my mind, and for that I am grateful.

Shortly after arriving and being ushered into a cozy family room, we were informed that "What happens at Jane's house, stays at Jane's house" We were then reminded through out the night...I think it was with each bottle of wine and new cocktail.
Because I am a stickler for following rules (stop laughing) I will keep my lips zipped, BUT! I will leave you with our menu and a couple quick snippets from the evening.

Here is the menu. Each course had a specialty drink to go along with it. They put such an effort into the dinner, and it really did not go unappreciated. Each staff member had their special touch in last night's meal, whether it was serving, clearing, entertaining, filling drinks, educating us on the menu, cooking, plating and presentation...indeed they have some mad skills!

This is Brian's dinner. He had the pork medalions, and I had the chicken entree. They both just melted in our mouths. So so good!

The desserts were outstanding. I could barely eat another bite by the time they brought them to our table. But LOOK at them!! How could I not eat them all?! Thank goodness Cathy told me to wear something that allowed for expansion!
Thank you to the ever so talented staff, my dear friends - new and old - and especially to the hosts of the evening. I had no doubt that the evening would be amazing, but even my expectations were blown away. I can not WAIT til next year! Still hoping for the 'buy it now' option!

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Queen Jolene said...

Seriously, how do you know these people? The food...oh man, I want to indulge! Lucky you!