Saturday, February 13, 2010

Full of Hot Air

Wow. Words really can't explain the experience we had this morning. Not that it was life changing, or was just really FUN!

I have an uncle who captains sail boats in Lake City, and we've yet to join him on a ride. We want to, we've been invited, we just haven't made it work.
I have an uncle who captains hot air balloons. We've -until now- never joined him. We wanted to, and we were invited, it just never worked. Until today.


Happy Birthday Benjamin! Today is also Benjamin's 12th birthday. While he plays downstairs with a friend, and Christian plays with the neighbors and the husband shops (I'm playing dumb as if I don't know "what" he is shopping for) and Benjamin's Sopapilla Cheesecake bakes away for his Mexican themed birthday dinner...I'm reliving this morning and counting my blessings. How awesome that I have a fantastic uncle who made an all call to people to come help ready the balloon for flight, and when the winds changed so they couldn't lift both balloons and fly away, he allowed us to ride up in the one we inflated instead. Awesome.

Take a journey through our morning won't you. Enjoy. (and because I still haven't found a photo site that I really like...I'll post them one by one...still looking for suggestions!)

First, the man who made it all happen! Craig. And that little bundle shivering in his arms is his gorgeous grandson T. We'll forgive him for calling Benjamin 'Ben' all day. Each time he even threw a wink my way--he knows better!

The frost on the trees today was absolutely stunning. We took several pictures, but this one captures the very spot that we went to inflate the balloons. I'm like Nostradamus like that!

Craig flies the ReMaxx balloon, and his buddy flies this one, and this was the one we inflated today. They really do have the best BBQ ice-cream (I've never had the BBQ, so I wouldn't know), so if you're ever in our corner of the frozen tundra...stop in!

The boys were put right to work! That is one big sled!
They lost momentum, the job got harder!

They have no idea what is going to happen...even with their wild imaginations, they still didn't know what we were in for--neither did I!

ALL of THAT fit into that bag on the sled?! Roughy 100 ft! WOW! Amazing!
She is explaining what they'll need to do next, and that is to hold the basket or it could be dragged away as the balloon fills up.

Who knew holding the basket would also offer the best seat in the house? A view into the balloon as it inflated.


Those people actually served a purpose--to hold the basket!

Sweet T and Papa Craig again.
One minute I'm looing at the boys, the next I know B is in the basket with Craig! We didn't know we'd get to fly! Because of the winds they had decided to stay grounded, but let us go about 30 feet up!

After B, I got a ride as well as all 3 of the boys (Benjamin had a friend along) What an excellent surprise!

Putting it away...we couldn't let it touch the snow. I had been holding it, but when my portion got put back into the bag I had to snap this. It was quite heavy! The balloon was surprisingly easier to pack than a sleeping bag. Really. Easy. I think one of the things the boys loved -in addition to flying in a hot air balloon - was that behind us there was the winterfest ice fishing contest going there was a rather large audience. Lots of onlookers who wanted in the basket. Great surprise Craig!

Wow! Tonight we are going downtown to all ice bar in the Peace Plaza downtown. I cannot wait! More pictures to come!

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Queen Jolene said...

Amazing! What an awesome experience and BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm a bit green-eyed.

I read through the past weeks of posts and man you have been on a roller coaster. I'm sorry you are experience multiple tight-rope moments.

Know I am still praying for you, your dad, and the rest of the family.

Oh and one of these times you are in the cities for treatment or what have should send me a line so we can meet up. If nothing else, I can wait with you while your dad has treatments. Just a thought.

Love ya! Miss ya too!