Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple-iscious **updated**

Julia Child I am not. I don't obsess over perfecting recipes, nor do I measure things out and I have never studied how to make a perfect bouillabaisse. I've never been passionate about Paris -although, I must say after reading this book I wouldn't mind visiting. And traveling the way she lived...yea, that would be good.

This month for BC, we read My Life in France by Julia Child. When Julie and Julia was in the theaters last fall several of us from BC went to see it, and that was when we decided we wanted to read this book. I don't think I would classify it as a must read, but I did enjoy reading about her life. Discovering how she became the phenomal chef/baker/cook that she was entertaining. Given the topic of the book, we either prepared a recipe from it, or tried to find something French to bring to our monthly meeting. I have been cheating the last couple months by either bringing drinks, or something less labor intensive easy. So I decided to step up this month. I had the whole day to come up with something yummy, and I think I did. **after returning from book club (which was delicious and perfect-again) I read an email from someone raving about the idea. "Ooh, Jodie, that is so cute, great idea, can I have the recipe?" In my haste to get the post out before I went to BC, I failed to cite the real source of my 'idea'. When I said I wanted to come up with something yummy, I didn't mean that I created it. --I can only wish! So, forgive me for leading ya'll to believe that I am that creative, because I actually found these here.

Julia agonized over her pie crusts...she wanted them perfect. Even when she found the perfect combination, she found it couldn't be translated into American cuisine because our flour doesn't have enough "body" and we need 1/3 more fat to make our crusts crumbly (didn't know that didja?) Ok, so I'm not trying to be her, nor will I hit the kitchen in a frenzy if these aren't perfect...but just look at them how couldn't they be?

Her other obsession was mayonaisse. Umm, that didn't really shout out "Yay book club!" to me, so I went with French Apple Pies, in individual jars, with French vanilla ice cream!

Can't wait to bake them and see how they turn out! (They were GREAT! I made 8, so there are 2 extra for the boys to try tomorrow...they're the real test. After a glass or 2 of champagne tonight, those ladies would like anything!)


Life Is Beautiful said...

THANK YOU for posting this! They look absolutely delicious. Can't wait to bake some of my own.

Kami said...

Yum! When are we eating?! :)

Queen Jolene said...

YUMM!!!! Did you make any for me?