Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I think the blog hoppy Jennifer created with this Not Me Monday stuff is ingenius! I like to contribute, because it usually feels good to admit my mistakes, you know- with out actually admitting them! Today's post is taking a little more gusto than I typically have to muster. Can't wait to see the hubby when he gets home!

I usually do a couple, but because this week's Not Me Monday is a doosy, I don't think I can come clean with much more than this!

For Christmas my family did a White Elephant exchange. Some serious, some gag gifts were chosen, unwrapped, traded, and traded again. Not mine. I opened it and it stayed with me. Adult sized Superman underwear (boys). HA! It was funny! You know, the ones with superman flying with his fist outstretched, with the words Superman written all along the elastic top. See it? Good. (because I'm not posting a photo!)

I did not completely forget about said underwear until this past week when I was getting dressed. I saw them and thought it would be ok to wear them...after all..who would know right? Yea...enough foreshadowing? Lets get on with Not Me Monday!

I did not wear Superman underwear last week while working at the boys' school. I was not sitting on a stool in Science class correcting papers and entering them into the system while listening to a series of giggling coming from the **upper students behind me, I did not wonder what they were giggling about at all. At the end of class, when I stood and pulled my pants up (you know, like you do everytime you stand up) I did not feel the Superman elastic (with the words written ALL over it) peaking over the top of my jeans.

I did NOT just humiliate my 6th grade son by wearing Superman underwear. I refuse to believe that was what they were giggling about.

**upper is the term used at the boys' school for 6-8 graders. We have primary grades k-1, middles 2-3, intermediates 4-5, and uppers 6-8 in our one little bitty school, in a not so bitty city!